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Proba-V sattelite demonstrates ADS-B tracking from space

An experimental receiver aboard a European satellite has picked up signals from more than 15,000 aircraft in the last two years, paving the way for future missions that could track global commercial air traffic from space. “With a single satellite, our detection footprint is relatively small — about 1500 x 750 kilometers (932 x 466 miles) — but for an operational service a constellation of satellites is envisaged to provide worldwide coverage,” ( More...

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Niel Wiencek 2
If these things were prefitted with such technologies then the NTSB should have been informed for safety purposes. Although a good idea for future flight tracking it's still good to cover your britches. What failsafe technology has been implemented in case of adversaries? What protective measures are available on this unit? Does it fall within the standards of global flight protection?


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