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Female Flight Attandants to ignore hi-heel order

El Al has some women that don't like new policy on footware ( More...

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With utmost respect to the better half of the world , I have never understood the rationale of women wearing high heel . Looking tall or taller doesn't seem intelligent to my foolish mind . The other is extremely "sexist" . That it gives them "that certain" gate that we men love to see .
Now in this back ground I fail to see the purpose of wearing high heels especially during the flight where most other mortals find it difficult to walk straight for five paces how so ever sober they may be .
I'm scared to write more !
High heels! Really? Short, shorts and a tye dye might get more attention. Lol
I don't think anyone should be wearing non-sensible footwear on the a/c, if it all hits the fan the ability to run, jump and wade away from a crash site is very important and high heels, sandals and other footwear options do not really lend them selves to such situations. Which is hwy when I fly, I wear nice sturdy running shoes and never take them off.
I'd bet the dude that wrote that policy doesn't wear high heels, I hope lol.
preacher1 1
prolly not. LOL. Valid complaint though. They could change prior to boarding. El Al wants them to continue to wear them until after boarding. BS
bbabis 1
I would think, particularly with El Al airlines, that they would be on the other side of the argument. No high heels for anybody. Those stilettos make a much better weapon than my size 13s Any day.
Who needs to cuff an unruly passenger when a high heel in the bollocks would do.


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