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British airways to bring A388 flights to NZAA from May 2016

British airways will begin the new A388 flights from EGLL/NZAA from May 2016. Over the years BA was flying there Boeing 747-200's and then introduced the Boeing 747-400 jets. The pulled out of NZAA a few years back and were co sharing with other carriers. Now British airways will promote the new rout via WSSS/YPPH/NZAA. It would be nice to see the BA A388's compete here as there are not many Boeing 747's servicing Auckland now ( More...

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Can you give us all the link? there is no article showing in this paper unless it has being taken out or it's older news Thanks
zkokp777 2
This papaer Tracy is unreliable source for info some of it is rubbish. But cannot find link or story online
The link has being taken down as this was posted in the paper daily mirror two weeks back now. Check the date on the daily mirror paper Tracy it might be old to you. Then re post the link so we can veiw it ok.


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