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Rare original sales brochures for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10

As the iconic DC-10 celebrates 45 years since it first flew, a rare collection of the original sales brochures for this iconic, yet troubled airliner. ( More...

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sparkie624 3
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Chris Sloan 3
Glad you enjoyed them
Fantastic. I loved the DC10'S nothing wrong with the aircraft It's how the operators look after them and some abused them which caused facilities and destroyed some of these aircraft. At there peak in the early 1970's the DC10 was the most advanced aircraft in the world even though the Boeing 747-100 was around but not as advanced as the DC10. Until they introduced the Boeing 747sp and the L10 11 Tri star jet came about. But I still admired this type jet.
Edouard Riv 1
Brilliant thanks for sharing!

"There's room in the DC10 for bigger, plusher chairs, and for more space between chairs."
Different times...


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