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Richard Branson helps Virgin America launch flights to Hawaii

Virgin America (San Francisco) yesterday (November 2) celebrated the launch of new daily nonstop flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Honolulu International Airport (HNL) with a series of festive events in San Francisco and Honolulu. ( More...

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Jack Baas 7
Thank goodness they're nonstop flights!
A Sellitto 1
jumbojet747b 2
Good on him well done I hope they start flights back in Australia using there B777's that would really upset Jetstar the budget carrier and Qantas. Fiji airways with there bad reputation do it with a B738 from YSSY/NFFN/CHRISTMAS ISLAND FUEL STOP/PHNL. Hawaiian airlines use there B763'S A330's direct from Australia. Air NZ fly direct from NZAA/PHNL using there B763'S or B772'S Qantas still use there A330'S which replaced the retired B763'S so good competition

matt jensen 1
What ever happened to Air Micronesia?
That ugly wart called United.
Delta and UAL are planning direct flights to and from PHNL/YSSY/YBBN next year that's in there sight if it dose go ahead


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