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Qatar Airways to fly to Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles

Qatar will fly the B777-300ER to Los Angeles (KLAX), the A350 to Boston (KBOS), and the 777-300ER to Atlanta (KATL). It will also fly a second daily roundtrip to New York (KJFK) with an A350. All new flights start around Mid-March. ( More...

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Is article is nearly 9 months old - this is not a good way to get and maintain readership.
At least it is still going to happen.
I do not know how old the article above is, but Qatar airlines and emirates already service the iah a matter of fact, they have flown right over my home on occasion when that is the flight pattern, and you could read the large letters on the bottom of the aircraft identifying the carrier..they are exceptionally large planes and not quiet as they fly over!
Matt Hauke 1
They have been flying to IAH for years. I flew Doha to Houston in a Qatar Airways 777 back in 2011. They have also been operating out of Dulles for years too. However, Atlanta, Boston, And LA will be new cities for them I believe.


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