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Flight Attendant Flees LAX, Allegedly Leaving Behind Luggage Filled With Cocaine

Authorities are looking for a flight attendant who fled Los Angeles International Airport sans shoes Friday night after being subject to a random search that turned up approximately 60 pounds of cocaine in two carry-on roller bags, authorities told NBC News. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 9
Kind of depressing that a flight attendant without shoes can outrun and evade security at LAX.
s2v8377 5
No flights from LAX to LGA. I guess they meant JFK. You have love NBC for their always accurate and well researched stories.
canuck44 1
You are correct...looks like she was on American Airlines which has a flight 28 on that route.
matt jensen 1
"the unidentified JetBlue flight attendant"
mags stumpp 2
Random my foot. Somebody was tipped off. Flight attendant with Gucci shoes? Let me guess, Dior handbag? Armani coat...?
Ruger9X19 1
NSA phone records freely shared with law enforcement. No warrant needed anymore.
Eric Spuck 2
How does this happen under the nose of the TSA? AS a non-industry person, are not flight crews subject to MANDATORY inspections, not random checks? What is going on? 60 pounds of blow is a Death sentence for a lot of addicted Americans. But what if? 60 pounds of plastic explosive or two innocuous chemicals mixed in flight?
Scary stuff as a passenger who already feels like the 'SAFER THAN DRIVING" mystique is fading......
Mike Mohle 1
Name of person? Airline? US Airline? What language was she speaking? Was flt delayed? Great news piece! Basically the headline covered everything.
Margeaux K -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Flight Attendant Dumps Cocaine, Flees LAX

Federal authorities are searching for a flight attendant they say bolted from a security screening at Los Angeles International Airport, leaving behind about 70 pounds of cocaine stashed in her luggage—and her Gucci heels.
Bernie20910 1
Interesting how 10 lbs. seem to have "vanished" between the two headlines...
Mike Mohle 1
DHS "perks" of the job.


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