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Global 7000 hits M0.995 in high-speed tests

Bombardier has flown the Global 7000 prototype at speeds up to Mach 0.995 five months after launching the flight test programme, the company says on 29 March. In becoming the largest business jet to come within five-thousandths of a Mach number below supersonic speed, the achievement shows the Global 7000 flight envelope is expanding. ( More...

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You have it right Brian. The federal taxpayers like us have kept this bankrupt company afloat for years to win the liberal vote in Quebec and elswhere. Look what they have done to Toronto with the streetcar order. Bonuses for the execs for what. The stock is in the red and the favoured children have twice the voting votes per share.
i wonder what altitude it was at for this?
bentwing60 1
been tryin to find this but so far naught. Good question though. My guess is mid to upper 30's with colder than standard temps.
WOW 995
"Top me up Liberals"
sadly much of the tax money from our Liberal govt. went to CEO's and Execs bonuses....
paul gilpin 4
sounds like a good tee shirt logo.
Ben Bosley 3
What does this have to do with the article?


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