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Emirates Profits Drop by 82% after “Brutal” Year

Profits at Dubai-based airline, Emirates have dropped a massive 82% in what the carrier has described as a “brutal” year. The newly published results for 2016/2017 show the airline made AED1.3 billion ($353 million USD) ( More...

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greg presley 3
I am a seasoned flyer and I was not specially in love with Emirates as everyone is. Surely Dubai airport was a very annoying experience: we had to take a bus to change terminal. A Coffee is 5 gbp, etc.
Martin Haisman 1
Frankfurt terminal A. Connecting flight in 10 minutes. 50 people including me sprinting with hand luggage and me also carrying the x's concrete bag (Me running, like duck with a steroid injection not a pretty site). About .5 km (That’s .35 miles in US speak). Stop. Usual stuff dumped out x-ray bag yes going to make flight. Stop. Another checkpoint errrgh. By this time my meds kicked in and I looked a little second hand so pulled aside for full montey by Helga the gestapo commander. Couldn’t read doctors note in England so had to refer small appendage sidekick. Yes did still make the flight. Yes delayed for me. Yes last on board embarrassed and X fumes powered the flight
Ashok MEHTA 0
Dear Sir
To me knowing the way in which Emirates runs it's business with total hands on management and discipline, Its very difficult to understand loss if profitsand that also of 82%.
This seems to be unacceptable to understand .
Kind regards
Ashokkumar Mehta
F2F NUMBER 244784326


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