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Quiet Skies = No Helitours?

“A proposed bill from a Hawaii congressman would effectively end helitours in the U.S. It would impose a 55-dB noise limit on helicopters, which no current-production machine can meet...” ( More...

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Just give him his 15 mins of fame, the rest of Congress will be taken care of by the lobbyists.
linbb 0
So what is next? Make tours use electric busses? Wow must me some one related some how to the great, not so, AOC and the squad. Dumb congressmen and women take the cake. Also what about other ones in use for medical and such?
Roy Thomas 0
This would impact Alaska greatly. I can't tell from the article if the rules would apply to fixed wing as well. You can't get a Beaver under 55dB. Besides we love that sound around here.


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