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Emission Increases overshadow Fuel Efficiency Gains

With the US Transportation secotor being the largest global emitter of green house gasses and Trump about the rollback any environmental gains, and currently squashing California’s emission controls.. timing of a new study showing that the fuel efficiency gains in the aviation industry won’t mean much as the increase in air travel is causing more emissions overall. ( More...

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linbb 3
Oh well figure out what to do before posting. Do you think that we are the largest producer of pollution? Not by a long shot and unless other countries do something no matter WHAT we do nothing will help out. Other countries need to be put into the position of stepping up there efforts or lack there of like China and India.

GET over blaming Trump for everything.
paul trubits 1
There is an old saying: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Everybody has to do their part.


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