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Norwegian to lease 40 Sukhoi SSJ100 jets

Moscow, Russia - Norwegian is in talks with the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi Commercial Aircraft for the lease of 40 SSJ100 regional jets. Sources who are close to the matter claim that the Norwegian low-cost carrier has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in exchange for the rights to use trans-Siberian routes. ( More...

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Brian Wilkes 4
Oh that might be there down fall!
airuphere 2
Ugh.. even the mc21 or comac might of been a better choice.. this must be politically motivated
Big mistake
ian mcdonell 2
Or it could be just a ploy to get a better offer from someone else
I am suspicious of items that read "sources close to..."
linbb 2
Third rate AC wow what a chancy deal for them.
Chris B 1
Norwegian has wanted a trans Siberian route for a long time.


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