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Swiss Air Airbus A220 concerns continue

From the article - "Swiss Air pilots should limit the power output of the A220s to 94% of the maximum, once the aircraft is flying at an altitude of 29,000 feet." ( More...

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Chris B 5
Pratt and WHitney have much to answer for with their recent software updates.
mbrews 2
- Its much beyond software updates. Unacceptable in-flight failure rates on the entire class of P&W geared turbo fans. Read elsewhere that Indigo air decided to totally walk away from P&W troublesome GTF powerplants, and are ordering 200+ A320neo aircraft, with CFM engines.

djames225 2 costs Airbus/Bombardier sales of the A220.
djames225 1
P&W have much to answer for, period. They have to stop guessing and start getting it right! This GTF crap has got to stop.
jmilleratp 1
Sounds like P&W are using the same outsourced software coders as Boeing. And, getting the same results.
airuphere 1
You would think the throttle control would have a soft limit at 94% above 29000, assuming the SOP is playing it safe until software updates arrive.
@chrisB you’re right!
djames225 1
This is ridiculous..P&W have had ample time to get their backside in gear and fix these...but have failed miserably.
I wonder how long it would take CFM to lighten and tweak a 1B26 LEAP to fit in the nacell.......
mbrews 2
- You raise an interesting question, about re-engining for "A220 ". Should also raise some questioning at other " A220 " and GTF operators. (and the FAA ) Such as Delta with an increasing number of A220s. also Hawaiian and Spirit, with increasing number of GTF engines on A320neo frames.
djames225 2
She is a great craft, but this whole P&W fiasco has got to stop. That, and any other craft flying a GTF, such as the A320 series, Embraer and MRJ. P&W have had years and years to "get it right". Reminds me of what we called "shotgun mechanics" back in the day. Fire parts at it hoping 1 would stick the fix.


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