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Stowaway Rat Delays Air India Flight By 12 Hours

An Air India flight from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam on Sunday 10th November was delayed by some 12 hours due to having an unwelcome guest on board. A rat was spotted on the aircraft, leading to an elaborate game of cat and mouse until the critter could be caught. Airlines do not like stowaways. Whether they are deliberately trying to hitch a free ride or just didn’t disembark in time, it’s not good practice to take passengers anywhere if they aren’t on the manifest. As such, an Air India flight… ( More...

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sharon bias 2
So the question is, how did the rat get on board? Walk through the terminal (stopping at restaurants)? Run around the tarmac? Boarding with the luggage? You never have 1 rat. There are many more waiting to be found.
mary susan watkins 1
commercial aircraft are open with food carts being brought on,baggage bins open for loading and unloading,and overnight cleaning..there are a number of ways"visitors"like that can get on the airplane..


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