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A news helicopter was struck by a suspected drone over Los Angeles, causing substantial damage

(CNN)A Los Angeles news helicopter made an emergency landing an object struck its tail, and crew on board believe it was a drone. KABC's Air7 HD chopper was flying just east of downtown at about 1,100 feet when crew heard a pop, then a loud bang, reporter Chris Cristi told the CNN affiliate. "We felt it, we heard it and we all looked at each other; didn't really know what it was," he said. He thought a bird might've flown into the chopper -- but when the crew safely… ( More...

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bartmiller 7
I’ve had close calls with drones twice this year, once at 2200 AGL inside the KRFD traffic area, and once at 8000’ (!!!) about 30 southwest of DBQ.

Both were startling and more than a little surprising.

In neither case did ATC know about have any record of the UAVs. They were definitely not military.

I’m worried that it’s only going to get worse.
royalbfh 1
I was climbing out of 16,000ft off the coast of Florida, near Daytona, and saw a reflection. by the time I recognized what it was it zipped just off the left side of the airplane. scared the **** out of me. As you said, ATC had no idea and queried me for 20 minutes afterwards. I could not believe that it was there and little to no time to react. I understand at low levels to be diligent but you sure do not expect that altitude!
Yvon Dionne 5
We really don't need a knee jerk reaction to drones. The laws currently in place should be enforced and those violating must be prosecuted.
bbabis 2
It may not have even been a drone. Idiots release party balloons with whatever payloads all the time. The light flash would be a reflection of the helo’s own becon or strobe. Unless forensics prove something else, file it away as unknown.
K R 1
The use of heli's should be restricted. "News" companies in built up areas should use drones (e.g. Parrot Amafi USA) since they are less expensive to operate and pose less of an environmental hazard to our airspace.
a mentor 1
Laws (to some) were meant to be broken, so laws and even their enforcement is a fruitless effort. There are technologies to make drones uncontrollable within specific zones, especially approach/takeoff patterns. If their toys get broken every time they approach an airfield, this will quickly cease.
Murray Bennie 1
The drone wont be flying again any time soon
Joan Williams 0
I think they should have drones stay under 200 ft and get them out of big cities with big airports.
Torsten Hoff 6
If people actually followed the laws that already exist, this incident and the near-misses that bartmiller was in wouldn’t have happened. Just changing the laws to restrict drone operations further isn’t going to make the situation any better.
joel wiley 0
Probably didn't do the UAV any good either.


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