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A teenager allegedly hopped a fence, stole a plane and crashed it at a California airport (with video)

(CNN) Police are investigating why a teenager climbed a fence, stole a plane, and crashed it at Fresno Yosemite International Airport. A 17-year-old girl is under arrest for allegedly stealing a King Air 200, a small, private plane, and driving it into a fence at the airport Wednesday morning, the airport said. Fresno police arrived and talked with the girl, who was seated inside the plane with the pilot's headset on, airport Police Chief Drew Bessinger said at a press conference Wednesday… ( More...

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Don't know if you could describe a King Air 200 as "a small private plane".
Gary Jarvis 8
It’s a twin multi passenger
I can fly Cessna 150s but wouldn’t know where to start with this one
She must have some cockpit experience
ICAO defines light aircraft having an MGTOW of less than 15,500lb. So you’d have to go past the 350 into the 1900 to be a medium size aircraft
linbb 13
Well unlike the guy who called the 7ECA a Cessna they at least didn't say it was a piper cub
Pat Lollis 2
You can tell by video that she had no clue on how to steer the plane. Reporters need to have their stories proofread before they publish them.
Reporter should have to be certified as knowledgeable in aviation to be able to report incidents.
They really don't need to know anything about anything other than journalism (aka their job). You could argue that, from a bias standpoint anyway, the less they know about the subject going in, the better.

Unfortunately this was probably too much to ask when the industry was healthy (whenever that was). Now that it's dying, well, we get what we pay for.
bentwing60 1
And they vote! sarc. two
bentwing60 0
The posters should be required to have an ATP!
Jim Quinn 27
How she got it started is a question I have. She must have had some exposure to aviation. I think she should be tried as an adult, then hit with all the FAA/Federal punishments.
Torsten Hoff 22
“Hey Siri, ...”
bbabis 14
I'm sure she had a phone. Many youtube videos will lead you through it step by step. What she didn't learn was where the brakes were.
linbb 6
I agree there are several you may not get everything going but the engines so after that...…….um....learn as you go quick? Wow that's going to cost some parents some large ones.
dj horton 5
About 95% of 14 CFR assumes you already have a certificate. The only thing the FAA can do is temporarily or permanently suspend her certificate which she probably doesn’t have.

Stealing an airplane however is obviously a different story. There is a lot more to this than what’s being reported - mental health issues, etc. Just glad no one was hurt
thegrump 5
I’m certain there are enough charges to keep both a state and federal prosecutor busy for quite a while.

Since she never got it off the ground and was described as “disoriented and uncooperative”, I’m going to say that favorite phrase: “Alcohol may have been a factor”.

“Ground, ah, King Air Delta Whisky Whisky, request taxi to the drive-in FBO *hic*”

“DWW, um, not familiar with that location.”

“Ground, no worries. Making my own. Hold my beer.”

*really expensive sound of two turboprops being used as hedge trimmers*
Greg S 5
Should that be "King Air Delta Whiskey India"?
Give 'er the chair! Go ahead, try her as an adult and lock her up for a decade. If she isn't a career criminal now, she sure as hell will be when she gets out. Hopefully she walks up behind you at the atm some day, not me.

At what point do you hang em high types start wondering if, depending on the circumstances, there might be a better way to spend that 400 grand in tax money? Rhetorical question.
Will Benson 2
Now if she got it airborne, THAT would have make for an interesting story
Ray Toews 1
bbabis 20
I don't know how they could state that no-one else was in danger. From the video, many were in danger.
Jim DeTour 8
Girl: Siri how can I fly like a queen for 200?
Siri: I found fly a King Air 200. Would you like to try?
Greg S 2
Haha, that's actually almost plausible!
All you King Air small private plane guys are
John Danish 14
....small private commercial passengers aboard? CNN you really are worthless
Doug Scott 5
Unlocked plane? WTF PPL.
linbb 1
UM many don't lock them you don't even want to know how easy it is to unlock a Cessna or Piper AC with a old key. Years back worked for a company that modified them and once in a while the pilot would forget or the ing key would come up missing. They would use my worn out key for what I don't know so it could be test flown.
I’ve started many cessnas/pipers from the 60s/70s with a craftsman tool box key.
Nate Bezanson 2
Tell me it's not a CH751 key.
bbabis 2
That is so right! My Craftsman tool box key opened and started almost everything I needed to work on in the 60s and 70s.
bentwing60 1
did you go fly them?
Doug Scott 3
In that case, maybe I should head out to my local airstrip....
8literbeater -1
Go ahead, future felon.
JohnTrolinger 9
Need an actual news source. CNN is not the news.
Jim Ward 2
Obviously an aspiring aviator.
Hadleigh Wigg 2
that's plain stupid
bentwing60 1
Guess this has been around long enuff to state the obvious. She only managed to get the anti-Nascar one started before it came time to figure out the Brakes. OOOps! The right prop is feathered and motionless. I've flown a KA or two, not just taxied, that ain't a coincidence!
Noah Taht 1
I guess it's better than that guy who stole the Dash Q-400 out of SEA and crashed it
That's what's called adventure meets in-vigilance
Is it school holidays there in California because even my kids turn very adventurous if not for my strict vigilance.....
I think we have to be more cautious, if we left the aircraft unattended to make sure its Locked.
Things happen and we all dont want to happen, luckly no one get hurts.
M20ExecDriver 0
Allegedly? The LEs took her out of the cockpit. I guess they allegedly arrested here. CNN aka caca no news.
Ric Wernicke -1
Must not be much for teens to do in Fresno. Except drugs.
It was not "alleged" she was found in the cockpit
8literbeater -1
I don't think there is any question that she was present. The allegation is that she stole the aircraft. Personally, I'm not convinced that a person can steal something if it never leaves the property.
bentwing60 0
Well, if your was Honda stolen and driven through your garage, would it be the same?
8literbeater 0
You're saying stolen. Having property vandalized or destroyed is not the same as having property taken (stolen).
If someone goes into your house and throws your TV on the floor and smashes it, could you say they stole it? Uh no, not if it's still on your floor.
Torsten Hoff 0
You should look up the legal definition of theft.
Which of the 32 legal definitions of theft are you talking about?
It's Mexifornia. She's entitled.
Learn to spell
Don Quixote -9
Good job you little brat
Timothy Clark -2
why not just purchase an ultralight then you could fly when you wanted with only a few limitations?
Mike Williams -2
It has been said that female car drivers have had more accidents at slow speeds. Maybe here
The same report male car drivers win/lose at fast speeds.
Doug Scott -8
She could have easily been killed. Her parents would then sue King Air..
Clinton passed manufacturer protections in the late 90s, hence Cessnas return to light single production. As long as the aircraft is conforming at production and the manufacturer continues airworthiness (via ADs) then the manufacturer has performed due diligence.

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Torsten Hoff 7
Beechcraft was purchased by Raytheon, then became Hawker Beechcraft, and now is Textron.
Toby Sharp 8
change your name to "UMtroll"
Obviously, a spoiled little rich kid with daddy issues. Daddy was giving his plane more attention.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

dkenna 10
Please give us the answers great master. Tell us how to manage security over the thousands of small airports throughout the country. Most are non-towered fields with a small FBO that operate on a small city budget, if even supported through the local government. Shall we put armed security and K-9 patrols to sweep the fences? Or maybe we electrify the fences! Better yet, we should dig moats around the airports, and fill them with dangerous animals. If the field does have a tower, it’s a perfect place for a sniper. So, just figure out the cost and let’s go from there.
Of course if we drove the costs up to levels as dkenna suggests, no one could afford to fly and there wouldn't BE any airplanes around ... like much of the rest of the world.
wingbolt 1
Although the delivery was a bit off JDL is mostly correct. From what I have seen in other parts of the world other than the US you wouldn’t see an aircraft sitting on the ramp for hours with the door opened. Unlike dkenna thinks, good aircraft security should probably start with the crew and doesn’t require any additional governmental assets.

In the US, the government is hardly ever a good solution to any problem, in most cases they are the problem. The last thing we need to increase airport security is more security personnel. For the most part they are idiots. The Department of Homeland Security is looking for every reason possible to expand their mission, and their budget, and things like this just add to their mission creep.

Don’t get me wrong, I leave the airplane unattended with the cabin door open in hopes of getting some of the heat out of the cabin. More of a pipe dream then anything else in the southeast during the summer. I’m not sure but I don’t think that’s normal practice outside the US.

Since 9/11 New Jersey has required a two lock system for every aircraft in their state for more than 24 hours. Obviously they don’t enforce it due to the fact that an overwhelming number of aircraft aren’t able to comply as equipped out of the factory, King Airs included. God forbid we drill a hole in a throttle lever to install a locking device, evidently that would change the airworthiness of the whole aircraft. It probably wouldn’t have stopped this situation but I’m sure the bureaucrats are bored and looking for the next best thing to save us from ourselves.

I probably should lock the aircraft to secure my latest issue of MAD Magazine. Need something to pass the time at cruise.
dkenna 4
Did you not catch the sarcasm??

And to my defense-
Prior to becoming a pilot, I was Security Forces in the Air Force. I have more than enough time watching aircraft on the ramp. I am more than familiar with aircraft security and know that it always starts with the crew. But, unless you are sleeping in that airplane, you’ll need to leave it unattended. You said yourself that most do not secure and as others have said, they aren’t difficult to get into when locked. In my 14 years as SF, only once did someone jump a fence and get to an aircraft. Luckily, it wasn’t my sector, and the guy didn’t do much damage. He did however eat a bunch of chicken wings and left the bones in the cockpit. Anyway, this happened in Turkey and it was a KC-135. I agree that the federal government doesn’t make the best decisions, but how many incidents Like this happen in the us each year? I’d say the percentage is quite low compared to the amount of unattended aircraft out there just waiting to be taken. But, I haven’t looked into those stats:

As for NJ, anything that state imposes on it’s citizens is usually BS!!
gilgraham 4
This was essentially unpreventable. Even a giant wall can be scaled. Evil people hellbent on destruction can do hundreds of things you haven't thought of. How about a Dynamite loaded DC-3 taking off from a grass strip or farm somewhere? How are you gonna stop that?
Torsten Hoff 1
It will be interesting to see where she got the keys. I hope the plane wasn’t left unlocked with the keys inside. She doesn’t seem to have the coordination and skills for a burglary of the FBO.
Greg S -3
How many airfields are in country? You know, the country you're afraid to mention because you're assclown troll.
Will Benson -7
So an inexperienced and intoxicated 17 year old girl causes 'some' damage to a KA 200 while trying to take off, while a CAE student pilot causes 'substantial' damage to a DA-40 by not properly setting the parking brake [N53SL / GAA18CA189]

So intoxicated 17 year old girl > CAE student pilot?

Perhaps CAE could bring her on as a CFI once she's released.
8literbeater 9
Trying to take off? She started one engine and U-turned into a wall.
dj horton 3
Nowhere in the article or video did it say she was intoxicated


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