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Virgin Atlantic defers the retirement of its remaining Airbus A340s

British long-haul and leisure operator Virgin Atlantic considers delaying the retirement of its remaining three Airbus A340-600 due to the ongoing Rolls Royce Trent 1000 problems powering the airline's Dreamliners. ( More...

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Christian Parada -1
I wonder if Airbus will allow engineers from the airlines to view the assembly process.
djames225 4
What are you referring to?? I see nothing on that squawk about an Airbus assembly process.
Zlatan Begowich 2
Is it secret?
Christian Parada -1
Cameras have been denied access at certain parts of the assembly process of certain planes so yes it is.
Rick Schaefer 4
Of course they are denied. Same with my work place. "Proprietary software, hardware, and engineering processes". Nothing unusual there.
chalet 1
Have you ever visited any of Boeing's main manufacturing plants of civilian airliners in Everett, Renton, WA and Charleston, SC. They would not let anybody in withour a very stict patting and screening. OK?.


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