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Air Greenland orders A330-800 neo

Air Greenland has chosen the Airbus A330-800 to replace its 21-year-old A300-200. The outgoing aircraft is the jet in the airline's fleet and necessary to connect Greenland with Denmark. It was purchased in 2002 after its original operator, SABENA, entered bankruptcy. The A330-800 has had trouble accumulating orders thus far. However, it was designed to replace the A330-200 fleet and as such this one-unit order is indicative of its intended purpose. ( More...

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Mark Duell 2
I'm surprised they're not going for the A320neo series, since their range requirement is only 2000 nm.
william baker 1
This wouldnt be for about 40 of them would it???
Tobin Sparfeld 1
It is truly shameful that Air Greenland's livery is not green.


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