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US Air Force C-17 moves 500,000 Covid test swabs from Italy to USA for distribution

“On March 17, [Air Mobility Command] transported a shipment of 13 pallets of Covid-19 testing supplies aboard a C-17 Globemaster III from Aviano Air Base, Italy, to the Memphis Air National Guard Base where the 164th Airlift Wing C-17 is assigned,” says the USAF. “Air Mobility Command is postured to support additional requests to deliver Covid-19 testing supplies in the coming weeks.” Upon arrival in Memphis the swabs were loaded onto FedEx aircraft for distribution throughout the USA, the… ( More...

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The swabs are produced in northern Italy. The majority of swabs are manufactured in this one place. With Covid 19 hitting northern Italy hard, every day activities came to a screeching halt. That is why the Air Force was given the job of getting as many swabs as possible and transporting them back. My husband is a microbiologist and that is what he told me.
pagheca 8
It's funny that we Italians (and European) have been treated as plague victims by your president: all flights closed shut down without notice (with the usual insults associated magnifying the superiority of US industry and response to the pandemia) but then a C17 is sent to... Italy, to collect swabs...
pagheca 3
just to clarify, I believe is totally ok to exchange medical equipment with any other country, also for free if required. What I really don't like that this is ok only when a country is in need.
john kilcher 0
Bear in mind 50K of swabs is merely a pallet of them. Hardly moved my world.
pagheca 2
500K, not 50K. Just to say...
ARE these swabs produced in Italy???

Or are these the same swabs that China gave to Italy and the Italian government said to STOP USING then Immediately, because they had a 68 percent false Negative rate. Only 22% of the tests correctly identified patients already known to have previously tested positive?
airuphere 3
“Airforce will not comment on where the swabs were sourced from” ... remember when the USA was a global partner, not a pillager.
Looking at the bile being spilled hers, I am just *so* glad that the Colonies are no longer Britain's problem.
Lynn Goss 0
Same here. USA!
Steve Drake -2
It's unfortunate that no message board is immune from the rank stupidity of Trump Derangement Syndrome addled dimwits. Anyone who exploits a crisis where people of all ideologies are at risk of illness and death for political posturing is scum of the Earth.
Steve Klein 1
Lets see how it all works out for ya Steve!
cbuckley -2 full of hate. WTF is your problem dude. Grow up punk.
Dan Grelinger 1

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Gary Bain 4
....and your source?
Carroll Ivy -1
Trump loves our country !!!!!!!! He's the best president in the history of our country!!!!!!!
Randy Marco -1
You are classic stupid and fbar!
Robert Cowling -9
And that's a bandaid on the Titanic. The time for testing was starting back in January! This BS of not having testing supplies is a vain attempt to cover his butt so the numbers didn't go up and make him look bad.

He's already said as much! Those poor people on that cruise ship were nearly held off shore because he 'liked where the numbers are right now', and 'bringing them on shore will raise the numbers'. He. Doesn't. Care. About. Anything. But. Himself!

Doing testing through private companies ALSO helps hide the numbers! This is all about helping him hide accountability and culpability for his stupid asinine false pride. His performances in these daily press conferences should have a laugh track! He will apparently say ANYTHING! And now because some ass on Fox News said we shouldn't 'kill the economy', he wants to eliminate the social guidelines trying to keep us safe? Let's dump more jet A on a 20 alarm fire! Good grief...
Randy Marco 2
EXACTLY on point but this forum is rife with uneducated dolts and we both know you can't fix stupid.
Glad to hear your people getting the test materials you from wherever because of whatever. Every little bit helps.

As for the politicos, the state of the union is that there is currently no union to be found and there hasn't been for a long time now. It is just being magnified by this silent enemy we are all having to wage war against. So go ahead extremists, let me have it.
john kilcher 2
Hardly. I agree with your basis, but, if there is some daylight, I'm in N.Y. and never liked Cuomo, but daily, he is on C-SPAN in and unfiltered state, explaining this devastating disease. Juxtaposed to tRump's daily dog and pony show and his merry band of misfits, Coumo tellss it in frank statements and visuals. Bully for your post, by the way!
Dan Grelinger 1
Name calling is so.... immature.
Dan Grelinger 0
Do those who are expressing alarm at this situation realize that they have been played (purposefully: clickbait) by a headline?
Mary Metro -7
I hope they aren't tainted. I wouldn't put it past some "Globalist shill" to try and damage Trump.
Cuomo could have purchased 15K ventilators a few years ago, but he instead used the $ to fund some failed solar panel endeavor of one of his cronies. Trump is not withholding the ventilators -
Craig Good -1
Oh, good grief. This isn't about Trump. This isn't a conspiracy. It's a freaking pandemic.

Trump is not helping. He's hurting. But we'll get through this in spite of his incompetence. Meanwhile, stay isolated the best you can and wash your damned hands.
jammen737 -1
You said it wasn’t about Trump and then you made it about Trump...downvoted
Mary Metro -4
You are sooo behind the curve.
Lynn Goss -2
I hope they're not some of the many defective ones the Chinese sold the Italians.
john kilcher 2
Post from another divider/troll.

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James Simms 10
Yet none of those on here bashing President Trump will ever admit the N95 masks we did have on hand were used up by the Obama administration in 2009 (outbreak reported in April 2009 but the Obama administration never declared an emergency until October 2009, total deaths in the US there 12, 459) & were never replaced despite advice to do so. Seems quite a few on here (plus the MSM) have a double standard for President Trump & the “Anointed One“, bit don’t have the spinal fortitude or balls to admit it or admit the N95 masks were never replaced.
Ernest Sicari -6
Used in 2009???? wake up a**hole, this is 2020, you're late of 11 years.He's the president now and he's being for the last three years. Every time your ass itches you blame it on Obama, Get over it, Obama is not the president. This scum in the White House and all the goons that kiss his a** could't give a s**t how many people will die, he only cares how much is losing with his businesses.
( I don't now why he worries about it. This make believe, fake billionaire is an expert in bankruptcies that us tax payers pay for)
Randy Marco -1
Exactly correct!

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Randy Marco -3
Video PROOF from the LIAR in CHIEF himself for the ignorant, sheeple trumpf supporters and defenders that actually believe trumpf and the Faux News lies that trumpf has done a great job and further believe he never called Corona a hoax
Dan Grelinger 1
I listened to the whole video (heavily edited, by the way, how much was taken out of context, I couldn’t tell, but its been done many times before) and did not see him call the coronavirus a hoax once.

I’ve read that foreign election manipulators have a manual that tells them to do just what you are doing; sowing hatred and division with extremist, alarmist, hateful statements. Are you one of them?
Randy Marco -1
It's not edited, you don't even know what editing is.

It's trumpf in his own words... and at the end he says "this is their new hoax" talking about the Democrats making up Corona. All trumpf lying speeches are available to view full length on the Internet but alas you reject truth, reality and are lazy, so I guarantee you won't view them.

No you simply are an uneducated ignoramus, even video proof can't change your fantasies about trumpf and reality.

You and your ilk are EXACTLY why our country is a mess and headed into the gutter.
Dan Grelinger 0
You are following the manual very well. All the ploys are there. Extremist statements, hatred, name calling, baiting, and behind it all, an absence of reason. A review of your posts on this board paint a very consistent picture. Every thread is hijacked for one purpose.
john kilcher -1
And you as well.

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linbb 5
Probably because they have enough for there use. Can anyone do anything right in your eyes while you sit home and make stupid posts? So since you know so much someone needs to take note and put you in charge of things.
mbrews 14
Re-read the original post. It states the USAF flight was FROM Aviano airbase Italy TO Memphis, TN USA. Nowhere does it state that the materials were manufactured / sourced in Italy, so we don't know. It is highly possible the Aviano base just serves as a tactical transit point for materials sourced elsewhere.
James Simms 3
Aviano airbase houses mainly fighters, but since probably the shipment from china landed in Northern Italy, it was probably easier & more secure disease-wise to ship it from there.
pagheca 2
You can rather read the COPAN Diagnostic (the company PRODUCING the swabs, in Italy). I hope you can convince yourself that even other countries can produce something technologically advanced (other than Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Just to mentions some...):

"Since its inception, COPAN has always been a solidly family-run business. From its modest beginnings in the small town of Mantua, Italy, to its current status as a notably international company, COPAN is continuously striving to provide uniquely innovative products on a global level. We are fully committed to our customer service and high quality standards. Founded in 1979, by the late Giorgio Triva, the company began as a distributor and manufacturer of various laboratory products. 1982 came in and Daniele Triva, Girogio oldest son, took over the reins as General Manager, and eventually became CEO. A chemical engineer specializing in Biotechnology Processing, Daniele was a paramount power to adopting technological advances in pre-analytics. COPAN’s WASP®-DT is named after its brilliantly many-sided and charismatic inventor. Daniele passed away in 2014 leaving progress in the course of time. Stefania Triva now serves as CEO of COPAN Italia. Triva's family business is constantly managed with vison and awarness to corporate responsability. COPAN is sure to reach higer heights as it continues to be a worldwide trailblazer." from their webpage."

Let me also remind you that Italian Health System is considered second only to the French one by the WHO.
The next question should be why it was necessary to source these tests elsewhere when there were at least 6 weeks to prepare? Why does Canada not need to get test kits from other countries, even though we tested a lot more people, like 2608 out of every million inhabitants compared to 750 per million for the USA?
mbrews 10
- These are NOT test kits being flown by USAF, just the test SWABS which are like a long single-ended cotton swab. To get a specimen for analysis, the medical tech stuffs the one-time-use swab up a patients's nostril VERY far toward sinus. USA and Canada both got a late start in seeking the test preparation kits, which entail RT-PCR . I'm familiar with Quiagen as a supplier of the now scarce prep reagents. Short answer : Chinese needed such reagents first, and pulled down world inventories dramatically.
Ernest Sicari 3
These "ARE TEST KITS" and no just Swabs. This is no time for partisan BS. We all are in this mess with the rest of the world to fight this war. Stop listening to Fox News and all the misinformation coming out of the White House every day. What this man is doing and saying, is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Because of his egomaniac disorder, he really thinks we Americans are stupid.
chumash11 2
That sounded pretty partisan. I get it, you hate Trump. All politicians think we're stupid. However, holding up the stimulus plan to plant more liberal pork is quite the shame as well. Who cares where the supplies come from, as long as we get them? If we weren't so dependent on foreign suppliers for EVERYTHING, we would be in a much better place right now. Quit b*(ching and do something positive to help the situation.
harold smith 2
Maybe because the population in all of Canada is about equal to New York and Florida. The United States population is about 10 times the size of Canada.
That means there are more people to work on this in the USA. Your military has probably the best logistics team in the world. Use them.
pagheca 2
The US didn´t CON Italy (or anyone else), they just BOUGHT them from an Italian company.
pagheca 2
as it happened there were some articles very critical about this on the Italian news (I am italian).

But the company said he sold a lot to the Italian government and others. The problem there (I do not live in Italy but have a strong connection) is that there is not enough personnel to test people. That's the real bottleneck.

I still do not understand, anyway, where has gone the "buy American" motto in this case. Maybe that *cooperation* among different countries is not so bad at the end? Funny.


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