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Airlines Must Issue Refunds, Not Vouchers, for Flights Impacted by Coronavirus, Says Department of Transportation

Airlines have an obligation to give affected customers full refunds for any trips canceled because of coronavirus, the DOT says ( More...

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ADXbear 3
Wowza... big $$$$.... but fair.
the airlines have had a policy in most cases to issue a travel voucher for unforeseen circumstances,in lieu of a total refund,in order to keep a passenger on the particular carrier,but also to avoid "draining the coffers" as they say..all the carriers have so many of those "specual" buy ahead and its cheaper fares,at so many different prices,the confusion will be an issue..also,if someone expects to get a refund immediately in cash at the airport,that is impossible as agents have a very limited cash drawer,if they have one at all,and credit card refunds require time..what a mess...


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