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Making Of A Boeing Airplane - 3:29

youtube/Dial647 | January 31, 2011 ( More...

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Don Willett 0
That was pretty cool. Thanks.
Dan Cadiz 0
makes you appreciate it so much more! Thx !
jayhawke 0
.....One question for everyone here,with all the professional athletes going in and out of airports, and the average person stranded for hours or even days because of the weather, then, how come they can get in and out and the american public can't ???....I would like some answers on this.....
Robert Snyder 0
Bill GRA 0
@jayhawke 1) the athletes have been in Dallas for more than two weeks. 2) Most do not fly public airlines, but private airlines.

This was a cool vid!
What a great video! Awesome to see the birth of an airplane... so much hard work. Thanks, Boeing!


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