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Delta Resuming Flights To China On June 25th

Delta will be resuming flights between the U.S. and China on June 25th. Delta will be the first U.S. airline reconnecting the U.S. and China since the COVID-19 suspension in February. The Seattle and Shanghai-Pudong service via Seoul-Incheon will be starting on June, 25th, operating two times per week, and once weekly from Seattle and Detroit to Shanghai-Pudong, via Incheon starting in July. ( More...

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matt jensen 1
Greed has set in
Mike Boote 1
Interesting they're using the A350 rather than the A330-900 they are currently using SEA-ICN. I wonder if it's a cargo consideration.
David Stark 1
Corporations doing business as usual despite international tensions or home government policies.


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