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Vietnam grounds Pakistani pilots over licence concerns

Vietnam’s aviation authority said on Monday it had grounded all Pakistani pilots working for local airlines, amid concern from global regulators that some pilots may have been using “dubious” licences. ( More...

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They should check all licences issued in countries with limited credibility.
8900rpm 4
How is "limited credibility" determined? After the 737MAX fiasco, the USA qualifies under that monniquer...
8900rpm 2
oops, don't know how to edit posts... it should be moniker
dcmeigs 2
You conflating Boing and the US FAA. While one may understandably question Boings credibility, the FAA does not deserve that characterization. The FAA pilot licensing program is often criticized for its bureaucratic excesses, but few would question the credibility of a FAA issued license.
user3956 1
"...Vietnamese airlines currently have 1,260 pilots..." That sure seems like a lot
Alan Dahl 2
Vietname Airlines has 102 planes, VietJet has 75, JetStar has 18 and Bamboo Airways has 25. That's 220 planes there so the number of pilots doesn't seem out of line.
Alan Dahl 1
Vietnam Airlines, sorry for the typo.
user3956 1
The total number of planes seems a lot to me too, had no idea they had that many. I flew from Tan Son Nhat to Qui Nhơn once on VN Airlines in 2013 and the plane had ash trays...hadn't seen that since I was a kid.


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