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N882TP (1945 DOUGLAS DC3C-R-1830-90C) working up to a Trans Atlantic Crossing ?

N882TP (1945 DOUGLAS DC3C-R-1830-90C) sortie eyeballed over East Ann Arbor on Sunday, 5th July --- now making its way to Goose Bay. Wishing the flight and crew the best of success if they are headed where I could guess they are headed. If they are planning on staying on this side of the pond - well, it was worth sharing anyway. ( More...

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96flstc 4
This is a Basler PT6 turbo mod "DC3" Not quite like taking a P&W or Wright across.
Bernard Puroll 1
All the best to the crew as the move forward with this bucket list trip.
Bernard Puroll 1
Having reach Cairo, their flight plan is far more ambitious than I originally speculated.

This is getting interesting.


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