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AS2 supersonic business jet to be built at new Florida research park

Space Florida is pleased to announce it has finalized a multi-million-dollar investment in Aerion Supersonic to accelerate the hiring of employees and development of the company's new state-of-the-art campus – Aerion Park – in Melbourne, Fla. ( More...

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William Mihok 4
Where is it going to fly? Supersonic AC have been banned over most countries.
matt bur 8
How long before some pastor feels god is calling for his flock to pay for one?
paul gilpin 1
about as long as it took stupid people like yourself, to change this from an aviation blog.
i can tell because you misspelled God intentionally.
Look at your comment, you have little room to lecture anyone on capitalization ...
Jesse Carroll 1
Who said anything about "Capitalizations", he's referring to God !
Lol, legalize pimping...
ADXbear 2
Be nice... good for our area after the end of shuttle.. lots of talent here.
Ken Bravogel 0
Remember come November the POTUS and VP that ended Constellation and Orion that financially devastated the FL Space Coast

Mark Kahley 2
What are the raw materials used to produce the synthetic fuel? How much does it cost per gallon?


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