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United Airlines will furlough 16,370 employees as government assistance runs out and air travel shows no sign of recovery

United Airlines announced it will furlough 16,370 employees as the industry prepares for reckoning on October 1 when CARES Act assistance expires. ( More...

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mary susan watkins 2
this information has been posted and reposted over the last few weeks..its not new information..american and delta are also furloughing when the cares acts runs out..unless the government can come to a get together moment,there will be no additonal aid,even though it is vital to many thousands of jobs...
Their lack of life preparation should noyt cost my tax dollars...dont even get me started on BLM and welfare families
sparkie624 1
Not good news.... Pelosi and Schummer needs to get with Trump and get this fixed soon.
Greg Skaradzinski 3
Heroes Act was passed in May by Pelosi's House. Schummer is not the majority leader, that would be Mitch McConnell. No plan from him or the Senate to date.
Jose Mejia -2
This loss is a self inflicted wound by the Airlines for supporting Democrats/Liberals; part of the Green New Deal to minimize air travel.
patrick baker -2
This is in no way a result of liberal politics- covid 19 is apolitical, and a responsive federal response would have slowed the avalanche down if applied sooner than later as it was.
trump wanted to dismantel working parts of government, and so he did, but he cut out areas that had direct influence on the pandemic response- slowing it way, way down- and so sicknesses, deaths, busines closings are the enevitable result of the cause trump initiated. Simple cause and effect...

Anyone who can't at least admit the obvious cannot be reasoned with, because facts are facts and truth is truth.


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