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How Rain Caused An Airbus A220 Engine To Shut Down

Transport Canada issued an airworthiness directive late last week for operators of the Airbus A220. It follows a problem with water dripping into the forward avionics bay. Operators of the A220 have 12 months to comply. Otherwise, they will not be able to operate the A220 in Canada. ( More...

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Colin Seftel 3
The article states that the engine shutdown occurred after water got into an avionics bay, because the main cabin door was left open while taxiing in a rainstorm. Obviously this couldn't happen while airborne and the loss of an engine while taxiing is hardly an emergency.
sparkie624 4
Kind of reminds me of TACA 110 in Florida...

But my bigger question here... With all the backup and redundancy in these a/c... How can just 1 Circuit Breaker cause an "In Flight Shut Down".... That is a bigger problem to me than water in the Electronics Bay!
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 2
You forgot ValuJet 592
william baker 3
Valujet was a Cargo fire. Had nothing to do with the engines shutting down.
william baker 2
TACA 110 was New Orleans not Florida
sparkie624 3
I stand corrected... had the right station, just wrong state...
william baker 2
No worries.
jmilleratp 1
With a new aircraft like this, they certainly need to carefully watch for problems and get them fixed.
sparkie624 -2
Losing an engine due to 1 Circuit Breaker is 100% unacceptable. How did the plane even get certified.... Glad the other Circuit Breaker did not pop, or they may have had another "Gimli Glider" - That series of A/C needs to be grounded until they get a FIX.... That is worse than the 737 Max issue.
sharon bias 2
If water can enter a critical area, other, even nastier substances, can too. Since Canada tends to get lots of wet snowy weather, this is a problem they need to address ASAP.


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