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Airline employees fear for mass furloughs as relief bill expiration looms

In less than three weeks, the airline industry says it will be forced to furlough thousands of employees unless Congress takes action. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, says she worries that time could soon run out for many of her fellow flight attendants. “October 1st there will be mass furloughs,” Nelson said. “The goal is to bring Congress to an understanding that they have got to get a relief bill passed.” ( More...

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mary susan watkins 2
the updcoming furloughs is not a new news story..this has been reported several times and also the fact that no more "relief" is in sight for the airline is highly unfortunate that an industry,which actually is very important to the economy,will be allowed to suffer thanks not just to a virus,but to further unecessary inaction by congress..we are not talking a few hundred jobs and livelihoods here,but thousands and thousands of people from all the carriers..when there is a possible solution ,why balk? mcconnell,mnuchin,meadowas and the rest should have their paychecks stopped to see how others might suffer..disgraceful,and yes,although this site is not meant for political discourse,this is a serious political issue affecting the entire aviation industry!!!
sparkie624 1
IF they do not do something and very soon, there will be Mass lay offs and Bankrupt Shut down Regional Airlines!


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