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Two American Boeing 777s Divert Due To Cracked Windshields

Both aircraft managed to land safely; however, the frequency of the events being so close together does raise some questions... ( More...

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mbrews 8
- The article raises questions about 2 similar aircraft that had windshields crack during flight. Both were 777-200s operated by American Airlines.

Look into recent airframe activity. Both were affected by windshield cracks during their first long-haul flight after withdrawal from 6 months storage. N778AN and N762AN had been stored at KBFM Mobile Alabama since March 2020. Both were ferried to DFW in mid-September, then immediately dispatched from DFW to Madrid and Paris respectively.

Both experienced windshield cracks at altitude, requiring diversion
linbb -6
What question would that be? One for MH to gripe about Boeing or how about something due to storage or who made the windshields? DUH


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