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The McDonnell Douglas MD-12 vs The Airbus A380 – A Comparison

The McDonnell Douglas MD-12 was designed in the early 1990s as a potential competitor to the double-decker Boeing 747. The project was ultimately unsuccessful, and McDonnell Douglas received no orders for its ‘superjumbo.’ However, had it been built, it would have also potentially shared the skies with the Airbus A380. This aircraft was also in development at the time that the MD-12 was being designed. But how exactly would it have compared with the Airbus double-decker? ( More...

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James Driskell 2
This sounds like comparing artichokes and unicorns. One exists and the other doesn't.
Jubal Ellis 2
This is typical fan-boy, click-bait SimpleFlying. Their articles are poorly researched, poorly written and often inaccurate on many levels. But that's just one-guys opinion...


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