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Video Shows Passengers Applauding as Anti-Masker Escorted Off Frontier Airlines Flight

A viral video shows a passenger getting escorted off of a Frontier Airlines flight to Tampa, Florida for refusing to wear a face covering—a violation of the airline's mask policy—and was met with cheers and applause from fellow passengers. Footage of the incident, shared by Fox & Friends writer Griffin Frank on Twitter, shows an airline employee approaching a maskless woman and warning her that she will be removed from the flight if she refuses to wear a mask. "Ma'am you need… ( More...

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Paul Miller 6
This type of thing keeps happening time after time ? WHY is it that theses idiot passengers still refuse to do what is now required of them ? To me it's a case of thinking "Hey I don't have to agree to this crap and just remove their face mask and then get rude towards the Airline Staff".
People seem to forget that airlines are private corporations, and the aircraft are private property, so the airlines can enforce pretty much any rules they wish. If people don't like it, then don't fly.
Do they forget, or do they just think they are special?


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