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3 major US airlines will not mandate shots for their unvaccinated workers

The CEOs of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they are not requiring unvaccinated employees to receive the shot, breaking with United Airlines' mandate that workers get vaccinated by October 25 or face getting fired. ( More...

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Rick Amerson 43
I would feel much more comfortable flying on an airline that said you can change your reservation if you are sick than one that said you must fly on the day you reserved regardless of how sick you are.

I don't care if you've been vaccinated or not, if you wear a mask or not, if you're sick, don't go out in public. Even if you've been vaccinated, if you're sick, I don't want to be around you. Even if you're wearing a mask and I am too, I don't want to sit next to you on the plane. Even if I'm vaccinated and you are too, I don't want to sit next to you if you're sick.

I'll take the airline that lets sick people stay away over the one that promises everybody is vaccinated any day.
Michael Huggins 9
I cannot "like" this enough! 100% agreement.
Silent Bob 3
That sounds great in theory, but how to you manage it? Require a doctor's note? Because you know darn well many people will take advantage an claim "illness" anytime they want to change something. If you're that worried you can always buy a full fare ticket which AFAIK is always changeable or refundable with no fees. Or there's travel insurance which is usually only a modest fee as opposed to a higher fare ticket. Just have to read the fine print to make sure what's covered.
Bruce Atkinson 0
Well said.
John Stevenson 8
Silly me, I thought this was a cool forum to see cool pictures of cool airplanes. For a few minutes every Friday I get to learn something about planes we just don't get to see every day. If I wanted all this discussion, I could switch to any of the media (depending on which position I wanted to hear). Let's be civilized and enjoy the airplane pictures.... I'm headed off to watch them in ADSB Enjoy the weekend !!
Michael Tomascak 16
After browsing these posts I'm more concerned about the mental illness issue that seems to be spreading.
Billy Koskie 12
Just a thought regardless of view on vaccines. With the shortage of pilots and flight attendants, does United really want to invite those who choose to not get vaccinated to go to a different airline? It doesn't sound too difficult to leave United and move to American, Southwest or Delta. That's not to say they would move without consequence such as loss of seniority although I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't spur a bidding war of sorts. Another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Again, just a thought.
cyberjet 11
Seniority is a powerful motivation to stay, so anyone with a few years in will not be interested in starting at the bottom all over again.
Bruce Atkinson 2
That's what being woke does to brains.
Rico van Dijk 22
I am so grateful that there is a vaccine for those of you who want it, and also so angry at all of you who want to force this upon someone who don’t.

nearly anyone who had the virus and has anti bodies has no medical need for a vaccine, only a political one, mandating people to administer an experimental jab, this this must stop. People should always have the liberty to choose what happens with their own body.

I applaud these airlines and I hope their example will be carried over to everyone else.
Jim Mitchell 1
as long as they only fly in the US no problem but try to land with unvaccinated people onboard.

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Jerry Kasperski 1
Anyone remember MyBody, My Choice?
You know, the anthem for the Left to support their killing of innocent babies?
For years, all I heard was My Body, My Choice.
And now I seem to have stepped into the Twilight Zone where nobody on the Left can seem to remember that phrase. All I hear is I will be forced to get the vaccine shot or suffer the consequences. Hell no I’m not getting the shot, my body, my choice !!
Colin Seftel 4
The difference is that pregnancy isn't infectious.
Bayne Just -1
Is your stupidity an art, a skill, or a talent?
Michael Mitchell 11
Think of all the other vaccines we have and will receive. The shingles vaccine is the most recent, along with the annual flu shot. Why is this one any different? Does "emergency" approval versus "full" approval really make that much difference. As they say, "pick your battles." This is surely one that Nature is winning, so there's really not a choice. Perhaps this is Nature's way of improving the human gene pool?
mbazell 15
Back in the 50's most all airline pilots got the polio vaccine. It wasn't required by the airlines but it sure saved thousands of airline careers. You should get vaccinated for the same reason you should wear your seat belt.
John Bowen 6
If it were a “vaccine” I would agree. The is is a Phase 3 trial of an Experimental mRNA gene therapy. Just because it’s administered via syringe doesn’t make it a vaccine.
Timothy Villegas 15
This "vaccine" has already administered to over 300M people with all collected data to date showing better efficacy than nearly any other vaccine in history and no safety concerns. For this reason full FDA approval is likely forthcoming. I assume based on your comments that you will be ready to get yours once that happens, which is a good idea as 99% of the patients admitted to our hospital are unvaccinated.
MrTommy 8
99% of everyone getting COVID (or whatever you choose to call it) recover too, vaccinated or not. This is much ado about nothing. It has nothing to do with health and EVERYTHING to do with control and power (over us). We are letting 'our' politicians turn themselves into dictators.
clarify 7
Well the recovery rate is much higher among the vaccinated.

But now ask yourself what's the recovery rate of those aged 50 or older?

And we're still trying to figure out the long-term effects of COVID (i.e., "long COVID").

The majority of Americans consider it something, rather than nothing.
Bruce Atkinson 1
And the lot effect is of the "vaccines"?
Colin Seftel 1
Just to put the severity of this disease into perspective:
USA deaths from COVID-19 (to date): 637,000 (
Americans killed in the Vietnam war: 58,220
Americans killed in WW2: 405,399
Americans killed in WW1: 116,516
Gary Ondrey -3
Where did you get those numbers...CNN ? Laughable
Jan Smith -1
Right on!!
John Bowen 1
FDA approval is not forthcoming. They know that the liability for all of the complications will fall on them and BIG pharma. As long as they can pull the wool over your eyes and make you believe in their EUA “vaccine” they can wash their hands of the responsibility.
So in answer to your question, I’ll take a medical LOA before I take the jab.
David Kozlowski 6
"Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

They cannot give someone COVID-19.

mRNA vaccines do not use the live virus that causes COVID-19.

They do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way.

mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA (genetic material) is kept.
The cell breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA soon after it is finished using the instructions."
Kevin Keswick 5
The mRNA "vaccines" may not be able to give you covid (although the jury is still out on that ) but what we can say is the "vaccines" CANNOT PROTECT YOU FROM COVID" Just look at Israel. The most vaccinated country in the world with about 90% vaccinated. Today Israel is facing one of its worst outbreaks of covid-19 and MOST of the hospitalized are FULLY VACCINATED! What further proof do we need that the "vaccines" DON'T WORK!

Worse than the fact that they don't work is the fact that they have serious side effects. No one should be forced to take the jab and airlines especially should be concerned about their pilots being injected with a TICKING TIMEBOMB that could "explode" at the worst moment taking out an airliner and all it's passengers.
waring 1
Just under 60% of the Israeli population is fully vaccinated.
Bruce Atkinson 2
The vaccines are obsolete. But the big guy still kisses China's rear end.
Jan Smith 1
Mat Schede 1
Medical Prof here. It absolutely is a vaccine and it will stay around. Did you know that this technology will have major implications in cancer treatment soon? This is not some sort of game, but the result of advanced research. Some folks in the USA seem to be out of touch with reality. I am worried about this.
garritt -8
*****......should un-vaxed people be allowed treatment at the hospitals when the beds are getting full?
Silent Bob 9
Should smokers? Or motorcycle riders? Or anyone who engages in what society deems are "risky" activities? Maybe we should only treat people who are sick or injured through no fault of their own then?
Tim Dyck 7
Why shouldn’t they? They are actually just as likely to get sick as the vaccinated.
Dean Bogdanowich 7
No they are likely to get extremely ill as to have to go into the hospital and icu . it is rare now that a vaccinated person actually gets sick enough to have to go to the hospital .
Kevin Keswick 3
Obviously you are not following the news out of Israel - not only the most "vaccinated" country in the world but the EARLIEST "vaccinated".

In Israel the Hospital ICU's are filling about with covid patients and almost ALL of them are FULLY "vaccinated"

In Israel they have more covid cases and deaths this summer than they did in the summer of 2020 when there was no vaccine.
Billy Koskie 2
From the hospital data I'm seeing that individual hospitals that report are showing, those vaccinated are about 10% of all being hospitalized.
Michael Ragsdale 0
Tom Holland -1
Bruce Wentland -4
dj horton -5
John Ford 6
I don't believe in mandating vaccine to keep your job..its bullshit. If you're skert Uber where you want to go. I'm not getting the jab and I'll still fly..if it's with a mask..ok so mote it be..I'll comply..rules are rules
Jan Smith 4
The media conveniently doesn’t mention anything about the medicines that will knock out the virus in a day or two! I feel sorry for the United employees being mandated to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. Sounds highly illegal to me. I hope they fight back.
Shaun Cordell 9
got the vaccine shot, still got COVID, fought it off like any other germ, next.........
mbazell 17
Yeh, but you didn't end up in the ICU on a ventilator.
Grapet117 10
Join the other 99% plus unvaccinated who also didn’t need a ventilator
garritt -2
shaun, I had my neighbor ( our village idiot) say the same thing ...instead he should have been thankful he did not get very ill
Max Simmons 3
I love reading these posts; it provides a clear insightt into the American psyche and the obsession with 'liberty' and 'freedom'to cause harm to others
Jim Weitzel 7
Agree with Michael--We'll take Delta's inaction into account when our upcoming trip decision is made. Got the Pfizer vaccine in April with no side effects and will get the booster when it is approved for use for us over 65.
Frosty1025 4
Thank you SW, AA and D for respecting your employees rights.
George Pepe 1
Do you mean DA? That fits with the others better.
Louise Andrew 5
Perhaps these airlines will also allow pilots and FAs the freedom to fly intoxicated, so as not to infringe their civil liberties.
Appears to me they have made this crass calculation so as to preserve their market share of willing employees.
I often disagree with UA. Their CEO last night said they would never use this decision as a marketing tool. If they honor this commitment, they have earned my respect.
amacnabb 4
Remember, these are the "science following" people that are mandating YOU to wear a mask:
Barbara Margo 5
The decision of the airlines not to mandate the vaccination is ludicrous. Our children are required to have certain vaccinations to be enrolled in school. Has anyone given it thought of what we are exposing them to without the Covid 19 vaccination ? Could your decision be fueled by the possibility that your decision is based solely on financial reasons ? We health workers are required to be vaccinated to be able to care for all. This is out of respect for our fellow countrymen and families. Is there no fairness to expect the same from the airlines ? Can you guarantee that your employees are not passing on the variant to the passengers to carry home to children, grandchildren, parents, grandparent ? At least I know I have given my best to help contain the communal spread. There are no absolute guarantees in this life, but I can rest easier at night knowing I did the best there was available to keep my family, friends, and countrymen as safe as I can. Are the airlines able to state the same ?
Ken Lane 1
Gee, a few airlines respect individual rights. And, you're offended by that?

Rick Amerson -5
Since everyone is required to wear a mask, what difference does it make if they are vaccinated?

Do you not believe in masks? Do you think they don't work?
MrTommy -8
No, masks DON'T work, and there are plenty of videos out there proving same. But, if you believe they DO work, nothing anyone else says matters to you. Your mind will not be changed no matter what. So, go ahead and wear your mask. It's your right.
David Kozlowski 8
There are plenty of videos about the zombie apocalypse as well. I’m glad my surgeon follows medical consensus instead of videos.
MrTommy 0
Surgeons wear masks to prevent bacteria and other possible harmful stuff in THEM from floating down on you. The masks do nothing to prevent a virus from getting out or into your mouth. You think if you fold a T-shirt into thirds and sew them together you've got a preventative mask? That's even funnier than thinking the paper masks are protecting you from a virus.. It just makes you feel good.
Huck Finn -4
'Our children'? To my knowledge I don't have any of 'our children'.
Sam DeMars 4
I feel sorry for the political anti-vaxers on this thread. Sore thumbs.
Michael Mitchell 4
I'm very disappointed in Southwest especially. I got vaccinated as my duty to my country, which includes myself, other passengers and airline staff. Why can't they return the respect? Or are volunteer rates that high? Every freedom has at least one corresponding responsibility. As they say "Freedom isn't free."
Tim Dyck 10
Freedom includes the freedom to choose. If you really value freedom then you must be willing to let others have that same freedom.
Dean Bogdanowich 5
Do you have a polio vaccine ? small pox ? these were mostly eradicated through vaccines .
Huck Finn 7
Being free to choose is just that.
MrTommy -3
Those were REAL vaccines. Today's 'jabs' are chemical concoctions that have had no long term testing and thus, no idea what the long term effects are going to be. Once you get the jab you are still told to wear a mask (worthless in the prevention of virus spreading), social distance, and that you can still get the COVID. So, what is the point?
Gary Ondrey 1
This is NOT A VACCINE !!@
clarify 1
How many of the 620,000 Americans (so far) chose to die from COVID. The unvaccinated are taking on risks and stealing others' choices -- the choice to live, the choice to return to normal, the choice to recover all sectors of the economy.
W B johnson 1
Damn right! If I choose to have 4 cocktails and drive through a school zone at 60 mph, it's my choice—not some damn gummint's job to prevent me from exercising my freedom to choose just because some kid is too stupid to stay out the way.
"Freedom" doesn't give you the right to endanger someone else's life.
Huck Finn 0
'My duty to my country'! What a bunch of false patriotic slop!
Huck Finn 3
I applaud these airlines who take seriously the personal freedom of their employees.
Matt Reardon 0
Well this entire vaccine thing has turned into another pathetic farce, not that it wasnt entirely predictable based on dacades of false promises regarding the repeatedly mandated influenza vaccine. The true benefit of the vaccine just like masking accrues to a very limited fraction of the population, the nursing homes, the ICU patients, the cancer patients ( perhaps) maybe selected hosp staff BUT for the vast majority it is of no benefit b/c their risk of severe outcomes is essentially zero AND the vaccine is not as effective ad advertised and going fwd will become even less effective as time proceeds. The problem is this is part of the long litany of public health and government foolishness that either hasnt worked, was plain ridiculous or just idiotic and assine (sheltering in place, forbidding going to beaches, taking rims off the backboards, outbreak in miami so masks for everyone in Montana. Its all so preposterous as to be highly embarrassing. But neither the govern burocrats nor the media will ever be chastened.
Judi Elkhuizen 2
This jab either works or it doesn’t!!! If it works, then those who are jabbed should not feel threatened by those who aren’t!!
Tom Holland 1
To all anti-vaxers, a jab is cheaper than a funeral. As at 12th August Covid is sweeping through republican states and the bible belt, how did politics get into health & viruses? I wonder why when the science has spoken. Did people think smallpox was the same? Do you visit your doctor when you feel ill, or go out into the desert and say, I'm ok?
Tim Dyck 6
My wife and I both had COVID and neither of us needed a funeral. We had an outbreak here and a lot of people caught it, a few were hospitalized but none died. Seems to me your exaggerating with your funeral BS and putting your ideology ahead of reality.
Kevin Keswick 2
What if you get disabled for life from the "vaccine"? What does that cost? What if you develop Myocarditis or blood clots from the "vaccine" what do the hospital bills cost you? The jab may be free but the side-effects are far from free.
Bayne Just 2
Bologna, covid is no worse than the regular flu. 99.8 % chance of survival without a vaccine. 50 % chance you get it with a vaccine. If your afraid of unvaccinated people, stay home and stop telling me what to do.
Aaron Mrozek -5
74% of people in hospitals in Massachusetts are VACCINATED!
Give the people the CHOICE! If there is risk, there must be choice. If the jab was as safe as wearing a seat belt, there wouldn’t be reports of getting covid AFTER getting the “vaccine”
This is America, land of the free. Give people the freedom to choose if they want or don’t want a non-fda approved vaccine.

Who knows what long term health affects that may cost you more than a funeral 5 years from now. For everyone’s sake, I hope nothing. Polio vaccine was fda approved. This isn’t. So give people a break if they want to wait. It’s like driving a experimental approved car, not approved by the feds. I wouldn’t force people to buy something that isn’t 100% approved.
cyberjet 11
If you are going to quote a statistic, quote the source, not an MSM reporter who couldn’t be bothered to provide accurate data. Here’s what the CDC said;

“ In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients.”

Cases, not hospitalizations.
garritt -3
like seatbelts...they do save movt from serious injury.....when you get 'on' the plane do you buckle up ?.......
..maybe those that refuse the vac. should get 'on' the plane ...NOT 'in' the plane
garritt -8
something special about most dying are trumpers
Bruce Atkinson 3
Hate is bad.
Jim Mitchell 2
tell your boss that.
Kevin Keswick 2
Very smart move by Southwest , American, and Delta (people need to boycott United)

The "vaccines" have been shown to have very serious side effects in healthy younger people, namely heart inflammation and blood clotting.

Myocarditis (heart inflammation) damages the heart muscle FOR LIFE! In the short term it can KILL healthy young persons. Long term it can lead to heart disease. It is a TICKING TIME BOMB! Do airlines want their pilots flying around with TICKING TIME BOMBS?

Almost the same situation with blood clots. They may not kill you in the short term but long term they can strike at any time. What happens if a pilot in command is stricken with a heart attack or stroke while on final approach? Any guesses? Do you want to be on that flight? Do you want a loved one to be on a flight with a pilots injected with TICKING TIME BOMBS?

If a passenger is afraid of catching covid they should get the jab (they work after all , don't they? ) No one has a right to expect others to get injected with an experimental unapproved "vaccine" that can harm and kill them so as to "protect" people who have the ability to get "vaccinated" if they so choose.

How can the FAA even permit this? How can they allow pilots to be forced to enroll as test subjects (Guinee Pigs) for an experimental drug for which we have no idea what the long term side effects are?
Gary Ondrey 2
You nailed it. I couldn't agree with you more. Too bad that more people don't get it. They want to suck up all the Fauci and CDC political BS instead of using their heads.
wtwisniewski 2
Are antivaxers the only ones that deserve liberty, the right to spread the virus? What about the rights of passengers and crew members who wish to avoid Covid. We should be free to chose good health.
Kevin Keswick 2
What are you worried about? You got the jab right? So you are fully protected from covid right? What do you care if the passenger sitting beside you is not "vaccinated". Seems like you think the "vaccine" might not work - in that case why should you want to force it on anyone else when it is PROVEN that the vaccine has serious side effects (myocarditis and blood clots) and young healthy people have died from it? According to the VAERS data base 12,000 people have died in the US from taking the "vaccine". This is more than the combined deaths of every other vaccine since the VAERS database was established.
jwmson -5
OK, I will NOT fly on these airlines until they require the jabs.
Silent Bob 11
So am I correct in assuming you will apply this stance to all other aspects of your life as well? Restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping centers, etc?
Robert Cowling 4
I have. I will refuse to spend my money at any organization that doesn't prioritize human life over political bullshit.

If there is a sign saying that masks aren;t required, I still wear one, and if anyone is stupid enough to sayt hat mask weareres are unwelcome, I will walk over hot coals to give my money to the first store that sells the same stuff, that values mine and OTHER lives.

I would hate to get 'it', even though I'm vaccinated, and would hate to potentially spread it to other people. See, I care about other people, and I care about myself. I don;t want to die from a virus that really couldn't care if I lived or died. I want to live. I want to continue to exercise my freedom doing things that I love to do.

Getting sick and dying isn't a very constructive way to exercise one's freedom, is it?

One could argue that less mouths to feed is a win for the aristocracy, but to urge other people to kill themselves seems a bit extreme, doesn't it?

I mean at what point does the 'party of life' start actually valuing human life that is already born? And if they don't/can't, I guess that explains their gun fetish? To all already born human fetuses, get COVID, and die? That values human life? How?

One thing is for sure, I< personally, can;t fix stupid, but the grim reaper can. If the idiots of this planet can't be reasoned with, than maybe the GOP backing more spread of the virus, and apparently betting on an even more lethal variant to come, makes perfect sense.

So, why are so many of their idiot base lining up to get sick and spin the wheel and risk their own lives.

GOOD QUESTION, for a group that hates thinking about the future...

I really feel sorry for those that follow the GOP's agenda. They want your money. They want your votes. They really don't seem to want you, or your children to live, or to survive.
dj horton 7
Can’t fix stupid?

Covid disagrees. It fixes stupid everyday
clarify 6
COVID does fix stupid. Sadly it has a lot of collateral damage, including children too young to be vaccinated, the immunocompromised, healthcare workers putting it on the line to save others, cops, teachers, etc.
Matt Reardon 0
Very amusing, b/c one rsks life in many ways that perhaps you are naively and blissfully but certainly pridefully. not aware of or never considered - every human interaction carries risk of transmissive viruses and bacteria of many kinds some POTENTIALLY deadly, every breath of airvbrings all manner of bacteria viruses and fungi into the airways that could POTENTIALLY cause severe disease including meningitis ( it dies hapoen), everyvsijourn outdoors or to eork carries with it very real dangers of trauma, attack, injuries of almost infinite variety ( clinics and hospitals are full of these cases, the next bite into a delicious hamburger could doom you to a horrible neurologic decline of prion disease, the next swim in a lake could doom you to brain reating aemobic encephalitis, the next kiss of you child could doom them to disasterous herpes encephalitis.
garritt 6
if 650,000 Americans a year were dying of your list of viruses....they would be the topic
garritt -2
yes...yes...yes...yes........but some fascists do not agree. we care if the fascist get covid & pass on ...of course not. makes America better w/ every passing fascist.
....a million Americans died fighting fascism, now rump has them killing themselves
Tim Dyck 2
Do you even know what fascism is?
mbrews 0
Oh, the humanity. nobody is swayed by such a toxic mixture of blame, shame, posturing and elitist preening.

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garritt 0
of course....
Chris Croft 5
jw, I doubt you have been outside of your covid lock down bunker for 18 months. The airlines aren't going to miss you.
Robert Cowling -7
Oh, just wait...

But, yeah, I did go to Floriduh in late April. I stayed on Disney Land property, and did actually feel safe. They had Disney employees EJECTING idiots that refused to contain their stupidity. One woman I ran into the last day, was so cure, wearing what looked like a lace stalking part over her mouth, and her daughter had an N-95 3M mask on, and rolled her eyes when her idiot mother was confronted for breaking Disney regulations.

I felt 'safe', to the credit of Disney's earnestness at keeping their visitors safe.

I value my life more than the opportunity to contribute to investors that are watching the money that lands in their pockets.

I get the emails from the GOP, and trump, and they sound so distressing. 'The democrats are going to take your guns, your manhood, your childred, UNLESS YOU GIVE US MONEY!!!'

It seems that all they want is money. The trumpers could have killed Roe v Wade, they could have required every person to stand on the street and recite the National Anthem, they could have required the immediate incarceration of every registere4d democrat in the country, but they didn't. Why? Because a total trump ruled world wouldn't be profitable enough. They can keep milking money out of the rubes for decades, promising them the world, and they will get it.

WITH THE BONUS of hundreds of thousands of those 'ignorant voters' not protecting themselves and dying. Oops...

Hell NO! I will not line up and let the GOP kill, or injure me. (Oh, even though having to declare bankruptcy because of the massive bills to save myself from the 'trump virus' sounds like so much fun!) I will not risk my future for a political agenda that really has no future, aside from anger, death, carnage... They want you dead. Not dying will piss them off to no end...
Chris Croft 7
Robert, It would probably be better if you kept these bizarre thoughts to yourself and not display them on a public forum. You come across as a highly irrational/unstable individual.
garritt 4
but he does NOT come across as a fascist.....many others here do
Caleb Helmuth 2
Tim Dyck -1
That is your choice. The thing about freedom is it gives people choices, some choose to follow one path and others choose to follow another but it is their choice. Buy you do not have the right to force others to follow the path you choose.
Rights and freedoms are fragile things that must be protected or they just disappear. Once they are gone they are nearly impossible to get back.
David Kozlowski 0
All you guys whimper about is "freedom to". For every individual "freedom to" there there is a corresponding societal "freedom from". You may decide to exercise your freedom to not be vaccinated, but those around you (including those who cannot be vaccinated) should have a freedom from being infected by you. Look up Typhoid Mary.
The puerile fantasy of libertarians never built a successful society.
Jim Mitchell 1
There are now three US airlines that may not be able to land in Canada.
Jan Brictson 1
This is a big mistake for SW, AA and DL.
John Perez 1
The main reason, in my view, as to why some airlines, (or even other businesses) will not mandate a shot, liabilities. As of today, vaccine companies are not liable if something happens to you (side effects) and that is why people need to sign a release when getting a shot. If your company mandates it, should they be liable then of you get side effects, or even death [as it has happened in certain cases]? Make your company liable and the mandates will stop.
Jim Allen 1
This has become way too politicized for any rational discussion. People have chosen their sides and no amount of discourse will change their minds. It doesn't help that the CDC constantly changes their policy supposedly "as more information comes to light". How about this compromise: vax only required for crew flying internationally? Crew that choose not to get vaccinated will be assigned to domestic routes only. Even people that don't want to be vaccinated can't argue that new variants of the disease may be more easily spread in other countries.
darjr26 1
I would hope the airlines that do not require vaccinations would at least require their unvaccinated employees be frequently tested. Is that asking too much?
Bad Move, will be followed by drop in revenue, drop in share price, drop in dividends and drop in number of shareholders.

Yeah, bad move ..... across the board. They should all be fired for choosing politics over science.
Michael Candee -5
Thanks to President Trump's leadership, we were able to have a vaccine in record time. But whether to take the vaccine is still an individual's choice to be made after consulting his own medical practitioner, not by coercion from the state.
They aren't being coerced by the state. United Airlines is a PRIVATE company that can enact and enforce whatever policies it wants.
George Pepe 1
It think that your employer should not force you to do something that you do not wish to undergo. I understand why someone might not like the idea of the vaccine because it was approved for emergency use only. I get that. But, I still think that you should get the vaccine no matter if your company is requiring it or not. Also, I think that by the end of the year would be a better deadline for relieving it. What if you can’t get an appointment in your area for a few weeks? There is also the 3 week wait between the two doses and the 2 week wait after your 2nd shot for the vaccine to fully take its effect. It might be a month and a half before you are ready to go and meet that requirement. And what if something comes up and you can’t make it to either one of your doses. (Still, get the shot as soon as you can)
Ken Lane 0
So much hate for the unvaccinated... pathetic.
amacnabb -6
Looks like I'll be flying American, Southwest and Delta from now on!

Good on them for not caving to the phony, politically-based, phony vaccine "scince".
Jan Smith 1
amacnabb 1

Oops, typing on a phone...

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George Pepe 1
And southwest, don't forget them.
George Pepe 1
I just didn’t want them to feel left out.
Robert Cowling -6
I definitely wasn't liking the flight home, knowing that the planes would be filled with people that potentially would not be vaccinated. Far be it for me to tell a corporation that they shouldn't feed off of stupidity, and anger, but please try to keep me out of it.

I remember reading that at an Ebola conference, when 'the world' was contemplating sanctions on the world's air carriers, they SWORE that they had 'a plan to deal with epidemics', and did not require anyone outside the industry to dictate to them what they needed ot do.

That was a lie.

The air carriers have helped spread the virus! They have 'sat helpless' as national leaders have lied, and mislead their customers, over and over.

Someone said that if this virus was actually Polio, America would have hundreds of thousand of people dying from it every year, and bought politicians would throw up their hands and whimper that 'it's beyond them' to save human life.

Why do Americans allow their bought and paid for politicians to lull them into passivity over a virus that wants to kill them, and wants to mutate so it can kill even more.

'Pro-life', looks more like 'Pro-death', every day.
wtwisniewski -3
Fighting for the liberty to sicken or kill others?
Let's put law abiding citizens in jail so that criminals can exercise their right to commit crimes.
Covid is a pandemic because of our negligence - the reckless infecting of people around us.
George Pepe 0
By the way, the vaccines DO NOT cause autism
MrTommy 0
Have you noticed, everywhere you go on the web, FB, forums, Twitter, etc, all discussions end up arguing about whether you should take the jab or not? EVERYWHERE!
Jim Mitchell 1
Yep, idiots are everywhere.
William Dixon -1
This is great news! Many who are getting Covid are getting it from those who have been vaccinated.
George Pepe 2
But most of the people getting covid have not been vaccinated.
patrick baker -8
Maybe unvacinated airline workers , in the grand scheme of things, will not add much to the tusnami covid delta infestation, but we Americans, regardless if they believe in the toxicity of this latest covid virus, are all in this together because we all live in this together, and cowardice in the face of public discord over mandatory vaccinations will do little to stop or even slow this avalanche.
Chris Croft 5
Toxic substances only affect the person that ingests, touches or inhales the toxin, it is not transmitted from organism to organism. The word you were looking for in your interesting diatribe is not toxicity but "infectiousness".
Matt Reardon 4
no if you look at the overall incidence number per CDC itself or JHU it is most definitely NOT a tsunami, nationally the incidence rates are VERY low corresponding tobwhat your own eyes tell you - no one in sight is sick. Your problem is you are wedded to the synthetic reality of TV that via a myriad of fallacies creates an entirely wrong general impression. In other words limited truth is inappropriately generalized into a massive lie regarding the greater reality. There is also a ridiculous inversion and shameful of reality and inversion of fundamental principals of medicine beginning with: everyone is sick even though no one is sick, the youth are in mortal danger even though they are at nill risk and only the older impaired adults are at greater risk, every single person has to be vaccinated or wear a mask for such policies to be effective ( absolutely NOT true even if they actually are effective which is an exaggerated and distorted claim)

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Michael Hawke 21
Nowhere near factual. The rate of breakthrough infections is 0.098 percent. That is about 1 out of each 1000 people who are vaccinated. Long way from 50 percent
pjshield 16
You are SO WRONG. The vast majority of new Covid cases are in UNVACCINATED individuals. Latest results of hospital admissions indicate 85-88% of new cases, hospitalized for Covid, are to UNVACCINATED folks.
Julie Bossch 3
In those unvaccinated are they first time infections? How many of them are getting it for the second time? That is the stat I would like to know, but am unable to find it. All I continue to hear is that it is rare to get reinfected.
Aaron Mrozek -5
74% of people in hospitals in Massachusetts are VACCINATED!
Give the people the CHOICE! If there is risk, there must be choice. If the jab was as safe as wearing a seat belt, there wouldn’t be reports of getting covid AFTER getting the “vaccine”
This is America, land of the free. Give people the freedom to choose if they want or don’t want a non-fda approved vaccine.
cyberjet 9
Again, if you're going to quote stats, quote them properly. It was cases, not hospitalizations - a highly important distinction. The Delta virus is for sure infecting vaccinated people, but it is putting them in the hospital. They're either mildly ill or asymptomatic.

From the CDC:

“In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients.”
cyberjet 9
Correction - it is NOT putting them in the hospital.
Terrible analogy. You can still be killed in car wreck wearing your seatbelt. You don't have to take the vaccine....just stay at home so you don't endanger anyone else.
George Pepe 1
But the deaths of people wearing the seat belt are MUCH MUCH fewer than those with no belt on.
George Pepe 1
But you should still take it for extra precautions. I hope you are still willing to wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.
Sam DeMars -7
Add a badge to the uniforms of those who got vaccinated and another one for those with medical exemptions. No badge means they either don’t care about passing the virus on or it means they believe in crackpot conspiracy theories.
amacnabb 5
You can still "pass the virus" after vaccination.

YOU won't get sick, but you can still get it and spread it...
George Pepe 1
Or so we have been told. (I think that’s true though)
George Pepe 1
Or they don’t wish to share their medical conditions
Chris Croft 1
Sam, you used the word "crackpot" in your comments. Is this a word you recall being used a lot when you were growing up and in your adult life? If we were to ask your friends, family, teachers and co-workers to describe Sam Demars's and his opinions and ideas, would their response be "Old Sam Demars, he's a bit of a crackpot"?
Tim Dyck 0
Perhaps we should also tattoo the arms and of the antivaxers? You would have fit in quite well in 1930s Germany.
Sam DeMars 2
So what exactly do German Jews have in common with Americans who are completely OK with passing a virus to someone?
AWAAlum -4
Anti-vaxers will self-destruct. They're no problem, really. Why all the fuss?
Wayne Fox -2
I won't be flying those airlines without vaccinations for all employees. I'd rather drive domestically.
KeithEstelle -3
Do your homework on this, it may be true but it comes from cnn, so be very careful, if it is true it will be one of the first times cnn hasn’t lied to you in there history
Jim Mitchell 1
Your still sucking on Trump's tit.


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