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A Pilot Spent 17 Years And 40,000 Hours Building A 1:3 Scale B-17 Flying Fortress

Jack Bally was a veteran and aviation enthusiast with a knack for building and flying kit planes. His list of builds includes a bush plane and a parasol monoplane. But in 1999, he would take on his greatest challenge yet, spending 17 years and 40,000 man hours building a near-perfect replica of a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress in 1:3 scale. ( More...

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ADXbear 5
Fantastic project.. its so sad he passed away in 2020 before really enjoying her.. let's hope he lives on as this wonderful build travels the airshow circuit..
Ed Schijf 2
What a fantastic piece of work! How he must have loved to bring the project to a good end. It is a pity he could not enjoy the result much longer.
RIP, Jack. What a wonderful piece of work you have made!


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