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Four Killed in Midair Plane Collision in Nevada

Four people were killed on Sunday when two small airplanes collided in the air over North Las Vegas airport in Nevada, the authorities said. The planes, a single-engine Piper PA-46, and a single-engine Cessna 172, were preparing to land when the crash took place, according to the Federal Aviation Administration and a fire official. ( More...

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Julius Thompson 3
According to ASN (Aviation Safety Network) The Malibu was cleared by the tower to land on 30L but approached 30R instead, the Skyhawk was on approach to 30R and was struck by the Malibu.
jbermo 3
Someday, like the evolution of cheap television, TCAS will be available to all.
bentwing60 1
I'll bet you a c-note that Malibu had a Garmin rack or similar complete with TCAS and smooth ran over the 172.
Charlie Roberts 3
“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.” - Captain A. G. Lamplugh
hal pushpak 1
What were their relative positions? This might have been the classic high-wing / low-wing visual block issue. We were constantly reminded in flight school about this and, 55 years later, I continue to strain with arthritic pain to look above and below, sometimes with a crab or slip depending on what I'm flying. And specially at fly-in's during the breakfast hour -- it can be a zoo up there!
Paolo Vinci 1
I'm just an old aviation student and it seems from the commentary here that there wasn't anything the Cessna could have done to avoid getting run over from the rear by the Malibu, correct??....unless equipped with rear view cameras and/or TCAS.
bbabis 1
Correct. They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time when the PA46 came through. They may even have seen the PA46 during their base but assumed it would stay on the left runway as instructed.
bbabis 1
The PA46's overhead approach with constant turn to final prevented them from seeing the 172. Even then, if the PA46 had not lined up for the wrong runway or overshot final for the correct runway, all would be good. Also, if the PA46 had flown a downwind and base, timing would have prevented the collision and they would have had time to scan for traffic. The 172 simply got run over.,a0f326&lat=36.211&lon=-115.195&zoom=13.6&showTrace=2022-07-17&trackLabels&timestamp=1658084556
bbabis 1,a0f326&lat=36.211&lon=-115.195&zoom=13.6&showTrace=2022-07-17&trackLabels

Pretty obvious what happened. 172 cleared to land on 30R, PA46 cleared to land on 30L. PA46 either misidentified 30L or over shot final with his Maverick approach and ran down the 172.

avionik99 -3
Both were landing at the time. I can assume that this is an uncontrolled airport and someone did not communicate their intentions very well?
bentwing60 2
Uuhmm, tower 125.7, ground 121.7, atis 118.05 and you can't plant a PA 46 much flatter than that!
Peter Fuller 2
Another news story suggests that tower was open and providing service at the time of the crash:
avionik99 0
Thanks for that link. It does appear as if the control tower is at fault here for sure. Both aircraft were following control tower instructions at the time. This is why my Dad never wanted to fly alone, he said he always wanted as many sets of eyes looking out for other aircraft.
Silent Bob 5
Something pilots are taught during primary training is that tower controllers are responsible for "sequencing", not "separation" of traffic. Obviously controllers can and do make mistakes, but at the end of the day it's the responsibility of pilots to see and avoid at all times while VFR, even when under ATC "control".
bentwing60 1
Ain't seen a rear view mirror in a 172 yet!
victorbravo77 1
There was a tiny rearview in my c150 trainer, just above the radio panel. Useful for confirming runway alignment after takeoff and used to check freedom of rudder movement without turning around. Tiny though. Very tiny.
linbb 2
Well lets see, one was told to land on the right runway the other the left. All of the above comments are very stupid and did not know how aircraft are controlled. Its not an uncontrolled airport at least not at the time. Also another pilot reported very well what he heard and what happened. It would be great if people commenting on here would just read and understand things very easy. But its getting to the point like these three comments amount to nothing more than some trolls being on here.


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