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Airbus Suffers Annihilation from Boeing At FIA22: Is It As Bad As It Seems?

The narrative towards Airbus post-FIA22 is that they suffered annihilation at the hands of Boeing, but is it as bad as it seems for the European planemaker? ( More...

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patrick baker 7
congrats on the most misleading, stupidest headline from flight aware in weeks. Look it up: airbus has a backlog of a few thousand more than boeing had before the airshow, now somewhat less, but not much less. Boeing cannot seem to make consistent deliveries , and in fact is years behind on many of those deliveries, and probably uses the same publicist that made up that hilarious headline. Airbus could open several more assembly lines for the 320 series and the 220 series, except for supply line hangups similar but less than boeings. Please look up the word annihilation to bet a truer sense what that word means. It does not belong in this discussion .
Rico van Dijk 5
What I see besides FIA orders is that KLM/Airfrance/HV/TF, Jet2 and Condor just switched their entire future 737/757 fleet to A320/321 NEO just to name a few. Airbus is doing just fine and doesn't seem disgruntled to me.
Chris B 2
The pro Boeing trolls are out.....

And demonstrating a convenient loss of memory as they forgot that Airbus announced a mega order from China for 292 jets on July 1.

Now can Boeing actually get the Max off the ground in China? Or the 787? Or the 777x?


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