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How DHL Is Helping Coldplay Cut Its Tour Carbon Footprint

German logistics company DHL has partnered up with Coldplay, a popular British rock band, to cut down emissions on the latter’s Music of the Spheres world tour. DHL will help Coldplay reduce its carbon footprint during all logistics activities by more than 50%. Let’s take a look at how the German company plans to achieve this... ( More...

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avionik99 4
Good go for it, but I just farted and wiped out all your wasteful misguided efforts!
Mike Mohle 1
How about they travel by horses and buggies, and giant rowboats over the ocean? Idiots!
mbrews 3
30 destinations in 5 months. So that makes about 6 destinations per 30 days, meaning they travel every 5 days over a half-year tour season.

Is it Greta guilt tripping the musicians ? Shall we prohibit live music tours instead ?

Are some DHL staff signalling atonement for their Jet's sins of burning Jet-A ?

Must be a slow news day. Who needs this blather.
James Simms 0
Yawn, meh….


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