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NATO Nations Begin Giant Air Force Drills in Germany

More than 250 aircraft from 24 NATO countries and Japan will participate in a two-week military exercise. ( More...

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James Simms 9
Spent the Summer of 1996 on Temporary Duty @ Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (SHAPE) Partnership for Peace (PfP) in Mons, Belgium helping coordinate exercises between the NATO countries & the former Warsaw Pact countries after the Iron Curtain came down.

Took a little getting use to working w/them, especially the Russian contingent; after spending my career up to that point, learning how to fight them & the other WP countries.

Best part we’re the day trips to Paris, London, Amsterdam, other places on weekends. Thunderbirds came over, having a show @ Chievres AB & was able to closely look over a MIG 29.
Larry Toler 6
My wife and I were both living in Germany during that time. We were both out of the USAF and wound up working for the US Army. I worked for the 415th BSB/DOL out of Kaiserslautern and my wife was with 3rd COSCOM at Wiesbaden. My father-in-law was still active duty Army and in '96 he just got to Vilseck. Also at the same time, my dad was a NATO liason with US Army transportation with CASCOM out of Ft. LEE, Va and was TDY to Brussels, Kaiserslautern, and Wiesbaden quite a bit. Despite the BRAC changes a lot of our troops were deployed to Bosnia and Hungary at the time. Pretty exciting times back then.
avionik99 7
What a huge coordination process this must be! So many different aspects to setting this all up. My hat is off to all those in the background working this Huge project. It has to be a large amount of effort by so many to pull something like this off.


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