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Emergency evacuation slide from United flight falls into neighborhood near Chicago O’Hare International Airport

A United Airlines Boeing 767 plane lost its emergency evacuation slide in mid-air Monday – and it ended up in the backyard of a home near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, officials and a witness said. ( More...

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Ichiro Sugioka 34
This video shows where the overwing slide deploys from on a 767
lynx318 10
Well that answers my question before asking, thank you.
bigjas747 7
Thanks for sharing that much appreciated.
James Simms 7
Slip Slidin’ Away…….
Atanu Dey 6
It was nearing its destination . . .
Mark Kortum 7
"Hey Sarah! No need to rent a bouncy house for the kid's next birthday party."
flyincj 7
Thank goodness it didn’t hit the 767’s rear stabilizers and control surfaces.
Just before pushing back a 737 at BUR (1985) I noticed a 6 inch bolt imbedded in one of the nose wheels. Flight delayed until it was replaced. Often wondered where that bolt came from.
Dale Ballok 1
Wow! That’s a real informative addendum to the “emergency slide” discussion here!🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😩👎
John D 4
How does that even happen?
Overwing escape slide door locks fail or not properly engaged
bentwing60 2
Unless this bird just came out of MX, the over wing doors and slides never move and my first question is where is the door, and who was sitting next to it on this flight and where is the body? The second would be, if no one occupied that seat who did on the inbound flight?

Doors don't just fall off of Part 121 aircraft since the DC-10!
srobak 4
The door is external facing and for the slide. Has nothing to do with passengers.
The overwing door on N666UA is not a passenger door. This door is a Side-Of-body panel/door.
Frank Shumate 1
Ual 747 departing HNL.
Peter Morash 3
Huh. I always thought they were bright yellow. Interesting to see a silver one. Is that some sort of a heat-resistant material?
Generaly, Life rafts are the bright yellow, while slides are the silver color. In the case of this series of 767, the overwing slide is not useable as a Life Raft.
Peter Fuller 1
Same thing happened December 1, 2019: a Delta 763 dropped a slide on approach into Boston.


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