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FAA Issues Response To The New York Times Close Call Report

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it welcomes “scrutiny” following a recent report from The New York Times that states airline close calls happen far more than previously known. The agency responded to the Times’ report on Monday, highlighting air travel safety in the US. The move follows multiple near-miss incidents reported this year, including the latest involving American Airlines and Spirit Airlines aircraft at Boston Logan International Airport. Earlier this year, the FAA… ( More...

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victorbravo77 3
Here's the Times story. Use the entire link:
Lucio DiLoreto 3
Why, why, why can't we hire more controllers and fewer IRS agents?
sparkie624 2
Because Controllers are trying to help us and IRS Agents are trying to Cheat Us... Much different Ethics!
godutch 0
'Screw' us... Federal revenue to offset their OUT OF CONTROL spending. Just saying...
EMK69 4
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Safety experts follow up on all events — even those in which no collision was imminent or even possible — and evaluate them for safety risks,” the regulator explained. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Years ago, long before computers and the ability to capture and save things, except for news clippings, there was a "Safety Expert" who the military hired as a contractor to tell us how to conduct operations safer.

About a year into it I hadn't seen him around asking my CO what happened to him. Seems he was killed in a car crash heading to the base....he was ejected and had not been wearing a seatbelt.

Interesting article, I would like to know the background of their safety experts and what training they have had.
victorbravo77 1
... safety expert.

Tnx for your comment!
jmilleratp 2
The FAA responds: "We're doing a perfect job. Go stuff it." 😂
victorbravo77 1
godutch -9
You can't trust the reporting arm of the Democratic party (NYTimes) and you can no longer trust the government. They both will lie with impunity and both have their own agendas. We're screwed.
victorbravo77 1
Thank you for your in-depth, cognet assessment of the content of these articles.
victorbravo77 1
*cogent = "adjective

convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation; telling.

to the point; relevant; pertinent." dictionary dot com
sparkie624 -2
The New York Times is probably the Worst news paper out there... I wouldn't even use it for Toilet Paper!
victorbravo77 0
One of the most thougthful comments on this deep analysis of the issues in the article. Quite cogent. Detailed.

I wonder if deep down in your heart of hearts, when it's late at night and you're all alone in the dark, that you wished you knew what you were talking about.

Probably not. Sucks to be you, Sparkle.


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