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Air traffic control ‘failure’ hits UK airports

Air passengers across Europe faced potential delays on Monday after the UK’s air traffic control system suffered a “technical issue” resulting in restrictions on flights. Britain’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) said that UK airspace would remain open while it tried to resolve the problem. ( More...

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Matt West 9
The UK's ATC has been privatized for 25 years now. We're always told that privatizing these essential functions results in improved quality and service, which is never the case. Our FAA ATC isn't perfect, but I'd take it over a privatized for-profit option any day.

Matt West 3

Interesting article relating to above
Joe Keifer 1
Just don't try and pull another strike like they tried back in the 1980's. Truth be told, privatizing of the deliver of "air traffic services" make good sense as long as the regulatory arm remains inherently governmental.
David Purtz 1
The United States government is over $32 trillion in debt, with no plans or capacity to pay it off. Hardly a case study in "improved quality and service."
coinflyer 2
Did they get hacked?
Joe Keifer 1
Is NATS unionized?
Alan Macdonald 1
What was the point of that article anyway, it was quoting reports from 2017 relating to factors in 2015/16, which actually made it not interesting at all. Then a whole load of spiel about British Airways woes (also old news) but irrelevant to the context of the supposed article. As for the comments about Gatwick's area control, again nothing to do with the countries overall ATC issues. A lot of the UK's problems stem from the worse problems of Euro Control too.
Alan Hewat 4
"A lot of the UK's problems stem from the worse problems of Euro Control too." What ??? The UK ATC is independent, otherwise the single bad flight plan would have also crashed the European ATC, on which it apparently had no effect. If you're into comparing ATCs, check on near mid-air collisions in the last year.


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