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FlightAware 2023 Intern Summer Projects - Part 1

This summer, we had 5 students from across the country join FlightAware as interns. They collaborated with other FlightAware engineers to build out their project (and in one case, two projects!) and accomplished impressive work that they demoed to the entire company. In addition to that, they got to know each other better through get-togethers and participated in talks about tech and career development presented by FlightAware engineers. We invite you to see the results of their hard work, as we… ( More...

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victorbravo77 4
Thanks! I'll pass it along!
druck13 4
Great work by the interns, and I wish them the best in their future careers.
Colin Fisher 3
It's wonderful to see companies like FlightAware supporting an intern program. It's a two street as the students gain valuable real work experience and an employer gets to get evaluate talent that will soon be entering the work force.


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