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Tips and Tricks for Winning your Next FlightAware Hackathon

FlightAware's yearly hackathons are a fun diversion from usual work where we can focus on just making something cool. They're also an opportunity to vie for dominance on the battlefield of public opinion! Coolest project wins. I've always loved hackathons. It started in college, where a hackathon was just a good excuse to stay up all night with your friends drinking red bull, fooling around, and getting free swag. Maybe you coded up something impressive by the end, but your brain… ( More...

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victorbravo77 3
I humbly nominate almost everyone from the flightaware adsb discussion group. Esoteric, I know, but what are the rules again?
boughbw 2
A really awesome hack would be programming the interface NOT to select the circle representing you on the real time radar map. I know it's me. You think maybe I'm trying to select the airplane flying over my head instead? The alternative would be to provide me with real time flight information on me -- while I am standing there on the ground messing with my phone and trying to figure out what airplane is flying over.


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