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National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Selected for Air Force Heritage Award

PRESS RELEASE The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force was recently selected by the U.S. Air Force History and Museums Program as the recipient of the 2023 Air Force Heritage Award for its exhibit, A Force for Good: Department of the Air Force Humanitarian Missions. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements by Department of the Air Force History and Museums Program personnel that foster a better understanding and appreciation of the Air Force, its history, and accomplishments. ( More...

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srobak 3
The USAF museum is utterly amazing. Hands down the best one out there. But isn't this a bit too much of the AF patting itself on the back?
John Taylor 3
Gee, USAF commending USAF for a job well done. And I spent twenty six years in the USAF. That's like me giving myself a medal for doing my job.
Valerie Scott 2
great museum. a must see for lovers of all things aviation.
Sean OHara 1
If the USAF Museum had not gotten the award, it would have been presented to another museum. Just like in 2020 how the USAF Airman Heritage Museum received the award. Also, while the USAF Museum is on Wright Patterson AFB, it is it's own entity, not an actual part of the USAF.


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