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Why Air Traffic Controllers Fall Asleep on the Job

They have the last word on their work schedule, including the notorious 2-2-1. ( More...

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Robert Gibson` 0
Makes sense to me. Does anyone know a better way?
Carl McLelland 0
Controllers fall asleep from boredom moreso than fatigue. Give him a constant workload and he would be awake and alert.

The problem goes way back to the 70's though. The ATC system needs to be separated from FAA, pure and simple. Until they take that first step they are just piling bandaids on a very old, superating wound. It'll never happen though because it means toppling too many "Empires"!

I could write for days explaining clear and simple ways to fix the problems and y'all would agree, and (FAA Management) would turn away because their particular "Empire" would be threatened... That's the real problem to the solution: the beaurocracy. MD.. (Army ATC '67-70, FAA ATC '72-86)
Robert Gibson` 0
If we eventually decide to 'balance the budjet' maybe some chopping could be done here.


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