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Travolta plans to land at Greystone Airport, against owners wishes

Another turn in the Travolta/Greystone saga... After spending $20K+ on an engineering report that says the runway was safe for large aircraft, Travolta plans to land his Boeing 707 near his Ocala home this evening, flying in for the first time since February. The airport owner says if he does, he'll call the FAA. ( More...

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skyhawk22 0
I feel that Mr. Travolta bought into Greystone with the approval of the owners to land his 707 there. If the runway has deteriorated that badly, then what would it cost to make it safe? The 20k spent on the engineering study could have been used to help in repaving the runway.If the engineering report says it is not going to damage the runway any further, then I say Happy landings John.
brock55 0
I agree. Greystone approved it to begin with so deal with it. Heck Travolta paid for the study to prove it was safe. Travolta should just buy the place and tell this guy to get out....and fly his cub somewhere else.


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