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ToddBaldwin3 3
If they want to make it "more dreamy", how about six more inches of leg space and butt space.
I work for Boeing, on the 787 it look roomy too me
Also fixing thing on the 787 is real simple too
The comparison to the older 767s is really not the revolution I thought the 787 was supposed to be. The 767 is old, but still has just as much potential as the 787. The economy section looks like a bust, and these "small changes", don't really do it for most people. Depending on the timetable, I would be fine to be on a 767 over a 787.
sparkie624 0
Looks like a great plane for Passengers, but I think that Cabin would be a real pain in the caboose to fix when something breaks.
erniekovacs 0
It never fails. Anytime an airline wants show the interior of the cabin and tell us how wonderful it is, they always show 1st class and first class only. As a rough estimate 1st seats are about 10% and 92% of seats are coach. So, being a democrotic believer....... why don't we see the greater of the 2?
Eric Wilkins 3
just throwin it out there... thats 102% . lol.
Trevor Childs 0
Don't hold it against him. He did say he was a Democrat. By the looks of the economy, most of them can't add.
erniekovacs 1
I guess some have never heard of typo's, or maybe this plane was "over booked" :-)))
We are the 92%
Edward Moad 0
Why is it when they show the airline, its always the first class section, and never the cattle section. show the cramped seating area so we all can have a chance to know what we have to pay for...Seems that not all can afford the plush beds.


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