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(Video) C-17 Tactical Low Approach into San Clemente NALF

Note the instruments and HUD readings. Also listen to the callouts! ( More...

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mattdavis 5
What a cool plane
Talk to the right people and get yourself a ride in one of these bad boys!
Joseph Howes 1
i admit it would be cool, but since 9/11 there is a slim chance to get a ride in this bad ass jet.
You'd be surprised...
Back in 1959-60, Navy Patrol Swuadrons VP-46 and VP-42 flew the Martin Marlin P5M-1 and P5M-2 seaplanes out of NAS North Island at San Diego to San Clemente Island to practice firing 2-1/2-inch and 5-inch rockets on the other end of the island. There is a large rocky formation there we called Castle Rock, aka China Hat. The Navy SEALS now train out there, I have heard.
Ive had that ride as a flying Crew chief multiple times it is crazy. The mechanic bares the brunt
Of it if one tr hangs out. The trs's have to be pinned symetrically on the ground not a
A fun job in 100 degree heat.
we used to fly there a lot in the C-141, fun approaches!
Got to watch one of these from the ground at McChord AFB a few years ago - like watching an elephant doing a swan dive off the high board... And he brought his own weather with him!

Good on ya, Air Force!
Nicholas Reed 1
Um, hell to the yeah!
CaptJohn1 1
Several years ago I was part of a crew doing flight test out of Kelly AFB on a C-17. As part of the test we did a tactical desent from 30,000 feet down to 10,000 feet in like 2 or 3 minutes. The plane shook pretty good with the thrust reversers on but she stayed level. We did short takeoff's and landings, felt like I was in a Cessna 150. That is one very impressive aircraft. The only funny thing was when I went to use the bathroom. It looks like one in a commercial aircraft, but the light didn't come on automatically when you close the door. After a few minutes the load master finally showed me where the switch was, oh well!
kris str 1
John-did you go to school in Ohio?
kris str 1
CaptJohn1 1
Kris, no.
carlsonbe 1
Is there a reason the video ends before the plane is landed on the runway? Seems an odd place to stop the video...
I'd like to know @ what altitude they started their assault landing from. When they do these "assault" landings the C-17 pilots can lose altitude @ a rate of 15,000 feet per minute. Talk about a ride...
Kawaiipoint2 1
The video starts at around 16,000 and they were descending at about 7000 fpm from what i could see on the gauges.
Thanks, I did not catch that. I'll have to go back and re-watch.
Kawaiipoint2 1
I had to go back at watch it in 1080p in fullscreen just to see it!


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