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Dad Builds Quadcopter To Follow His Son To The Bus Stop

Decided It Was Easier Than Walking With The Boy In The Cold After deciding he'd rather not have to walk the 400 yards to the bus stop in December and January with his grade-school-aged son, Paul Wallich used his technical knowledge to build a camera-carrying quadcopter to follow his son to the bus stop. ( More...

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dmanuel 6
This has to be one of the coolest dads. No matter what, he inspires the imagination and demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit.
preacher1 1
Well, we just talking 1200 ft, not even a quarter mile and even the kid thinks it's cool. Everybody has their own opinion.
Chris Bryant 6
Gives a whole new definition to "helicopter parenting." :)
Chip Hermes 2
Good work . Rest is for others to run their imagination wild to find varied applications . Remember , sewing machine was never invented for public use . The inventor could not bear the pain his wife used to bear while sewing ! So he created a machine that could sew without hurting the hands or fingers of his dear wife ! !
preacher1 2
Well, at first glance at 400 yards, 1st impression is to think "God, thats sorry" But, the next to last line of the article "He said that a GPS tracker in his son's backpack is supposed to guide the quadcopter, but that sometimes trees and other obstacles get in the way. He also said that battery life is an issue. For those reasons, he said, he usually does the trip to the bus stop in person." Oh well!!!!!
tim mitchell 0
just the fact that he concocted this idea as a substitution for walking him to the stop makes him sorry....Not only are people crazy these days but there are animals out there too.
Chip Hermes 2
Pretty cool, albeit completely stupid and pointless.
tim mitchell 2
Heaven for bid .. If anything happen to the child. How fast could he respond .. ? No way do I agree with this ... Let the child walk in the cold, while the parent sits in a warm house ?
united141 3
Looks like that would be a perfect time to equip some missiles!
pete480 1
Wow, how lazy can a person be.
Do you think a kid napper would be intimidated by the flying toy? This guy should man up and walk with his son.
That is a lazy dad
seaallcom 1
Thats Ausome
Cal Keegan 0
Bye, son, I love you.

Bye, quadcopter, I love you too.

These things are dangerous. I wouldn't want one anywhere near my kid.
Dangerous? C'mon, this thing weighs less than a pound and does not fall like a stone.
D. W. 0
Bob Reisig 0
George Jetson and his son Leroy


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