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Islip, New York lives up to the Name

Southwest slips off taxiway in icy conditions in Islip, NY on Long Island's south shore. Ironic? ( More...

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AccessAir 3
Did they need to get Joe Patroni to drive it out???
preacher1 1
:-) lol
Ken McIntyre 1
Had to go look it up, then...LOL!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Andy Tyler 1
lol this was mildly amusing. Obviously the pilot didn't set the correct autobrake setting :D
Happy new Years to the PAX...Free Peanuts for all!
oleipelt 2
Here is the ATC recording.
mike SUT 2
Must have been one more of those famous SWA "hi speed taxi" profiles SWA is so famous for. They like to brag about 20 minute turns at the airport yet this is what happens when you strive to do that. That's why the rest of us "look" like we are taxiing slow. Trying to keep the mud off the wheels, it's a jet, not a 4X4 or an Indy car.
preacher1 3
back in the day, they would turn 'em in 10 minutes at an outlying airport, not sure about DAL.
keith vincent 2
but this was not a "turn". this should have been the first leg of the day for that aircraft.
"Hey Michelin man".
keith vincent 1
One thing I hate about SWA is the seating system.

It may have worked when they were a small company mainly serving Texas and nearby states, but for a longer flight, like Islip to Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, people should be able to choose a seat online.

That's one reason my relatives on LI go to jetBlue JFK instead of Islip.
Andy Tyler 1
well random boarding was shown to be the fastest boarding process by that asu academic paper or whoever wrote it. Generally speaking though, if you get an A boarding group you can pretty much sit anywhere you want, so i don't mind the seating system.
keith vincent 1
What happens to the pilots now? Are they allowed to fly or do they sit on the sidelines until SWA and FAA complete an investigation? How long before aircraft is checked for damage and deemed airworthy again?
preacher1 1
What will happen to the pilots is primarily up to SWA,BUT, the article says at one point they were just doing a straight taxi, then it says the missed a turn or failed to negotiate it. At any rate, pax deplaned and SWA sent in another plane. AC did receive damage and it will be fixed before it flies again.
This is one slipping and sliding airline!!!
preacher1 0
I thought you were going to Barbados or was that just an out and back trip.
I'm back
preacher1 1
lot colder at home I bet. Still about 10" on down here, not much melt
Yeah, it's cold here in the garage, taking a break from fighting with the no.6 plug on my Xterra. Too bad there's no hot version of beer!!!
preacher1 1
That ain't no fun job. My boy had an 07 for awhile til daughter in law wrecked it. We did that job a couple of times . While not all that bad, I wouldn't want to do it every day. Seems to me there were 2 that you HAD to go underneath for
Jim Donten -4
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Tampa-bound flight from New York veers off runway

SWA 4695 from MacArthur Airport to Tampa International Airport runs off taxiway at MacArthur Airport.
Shadowstarz -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

A Southwest Airlines veered off a taxiway at MacArthur Airport

A Southwest Airlines veered off a taxiway at MacArthur Airport this morning.

“We just made your day very exciting,” one of the Boeing 737’s pilots radioed to the control tower after the incident.

“We just taxied off the taxiway into the grass,” the pilot sheepishly admitted, according to audio on the Web site

No one was hurt in the 6:30 a.m. incident, which occurred moments before the jet was to take off for Tampa.

The 129 passengers, two pilots and three flight attendants were evacuated by stairs, and bused back to the airport terminal.

Southwest Flight 4695 veered off the runway this morning and into the mud.

Southwest sent a replacement plane to the airport, and the passengers resumed their journey to Florida five hours behind schedule, the airline said.
KingAirB200 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Southwest Boeing 737 Veers off Taxiway into the Mud at KISP

The Boeing 737 jet was on the taxiway and apparently failed to negotiate a turn at around 7 a.m. The plane entered a grassy area and got stuck in the mud.
Matt Molnar 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

"We just made your day very interesting": ATC Audio of Southwest Mud Skid

Air traffic control conversation between the pilots of Southwest 4695 and the ISP control tower. Nobody was hurt early Thursday</strong> morning when a Southwest Airlines plane taxiing for departure wound up landing gear-deep in mud at Islip's Long Island MacArthur Airport.
Sang Le 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Hear pilot explain plane stuck in mud

A Boeing 737 veers off the taxiway at a New York airport and gets stuck in the mud.


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