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Amelia Earhart's plane? New sonar imagery analysis raises hopes

A sonar anomaly that researchers suspect might possibly be the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's aircraft is a straight, unbroken feature uncannily consistent with the fuselage of a Lockheed Electra, new analysis of the sonar imagery captured off a remote Pacific island has revealed. ( More...

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Jimmy Hoffa was swimming last weekend in Round Valley Reservoir too!!!
Torsten Hoff 1
You'd think if the fuselage survived virtually intact, so would the wings, or at least the spars.
geneg738 1
I really don't care...I'm still searching foe Elvis
bentwing60 1
I sincerely hope that the raised hopes don't include the hope that they will bring Amelia back alive. Or Mr. Noonan. Although previous reports indicate that he might have been pickled. Might be something there. I truly believe that the information to be gleaned from the recovery of a Lockheed Electra lost with 2 souls aboard some 76 years ago, in the far south Pacific, versus the costs, might indicate that some folks have far more time and money on their hands than most of us can imagine. And the supposition that an airframe that landed on a flat, shallow coral reef, that allowed them to walk or swim to shore, is now resting in 600 feet of water, in one piece kinda begs the imagination. And it is still in one piece, 37 feet long and straight! Ever seen what pounding surf and a reef does to a steel hulled vessel in short order! It'll make a great Discovery Channel story though. Or maybe even a movie. Maybe they already did that, they just didn't know the end. Call Stephan Spielberg.
Rob Gibbs 2
i dont think they will ever find it
bentwing60 1
I suspect there is no it left to find, in the form in which they are searching.
preacher1 2
There is one thing here that is certain; Your comment about more time and money is very true and correct, and while it might serve to solve a mystery, who really cares. There are a lot of pressing mysteries from 70+ years ago


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